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How to Look Up Your Bobcat Serial Number & Year

How to Look Up Your Bobcat Serial Number & Year

By knowing the serial number of your Bobcat equipment, you can order essential parts for your machine when it needs service. You can also use the serial number to find the proper manual to use when renting a machine or when needing to know more about operations and specs. The serial number also gives you a handy way to find out the age of your machine if you want to sell it or get an extended warranty.

In this post, we explain how to find the serial number of your Bobcat, as well as how to read it.

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Where to Find the Serial Number on Your Bobcat

You can perform a serial number lookup on your Bobcat model in several different ways. These include:

  • In the manual: Usually, most dealers will write the serial number on the manual. Keep your manual nearby since it usually shows where, on the physical machine, you can find the serial number.
  • On the machine: The serial number will always be located on the machine. Where it is exactly will depend on the exact model and year of your Bobcat equipment.
  • From the dealer: Call or email Bobcat. Your dealer should have the serial number on record, so you can ask them for it if you’re unable to find it.

How to search for and find your Bobcat serial number

Bobcats also have serial numbers for important parts like the engine. You might need this number along with the Bobcat serial number if your machine requires part-specific maintenance.

In the manual

At the front of the manual, there should be a reference section that provides the serial number and other important information. You or the dealer can fill this out, and it might be a good idea to ask them to do this upon initial purchase.

If you don’t have your manual then you may be able to purchase it online from Bobcat. It’s important to have the manual as it also contains information about Bobcat fault codes and other essential information for operating and maintaining your machine.

On the Machine

Where you can find your serial number will depend on the type and year of your machine. Here are some examples:

  • Excavators: You can find the serial number on either the right or left side of the front face of the machine.
  • Loaders (including skid steers, track loaders, and wheel loaders): The serial number is typically outside on the loader frame.
      • You can find the serial number on smaller machines by looking on the left side behind the left support arm.
      • You can find the serial number on larger machines, by looking on the left side toward the rear of the machine under the left lift arm.
      • You can find the serial number in other common locations, including inside the cab on the right-hand side or outside above the grill.
  • Telehandlers: You can find the serial number on the right side of the chassis.

From the Dealer

Your dealer should have the sales/service records with your serial number on it. They also have expertise with Bobcats and can probably help you find the serial number location on the machine.

How to Read the Serial Number Plate

Your serial number located on your Bobcat will be written on a serial number plate. This identification plate will have information like the model number, year, and the nine-digit serial number.

How to read a Bobcat serial number plate

The nine-digit serial number is split into four and then five digits. Here’s what they mean:

  • The four-digit number identifies the model number and engine combination, which is helpful if your Bobcat ever needs maintenance.
  • The five-digit Production Sequence Number identifies the order in which the loader is produced, which is also helpful for ordering parts or getting maintenance work done.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Bobcat Serial Number

Here are some important reasons why you should have your Bobcat serial number handy.

  • Ordering parts: While some people scroll through online forums to understand what parts they need, you can just use your serial number to order the right parts quickly for your Bobcat. If you wish to order parts through the Bobcat online shop, you can search for parts with your model number. You will need your serial number, however, to confirm compatibility.
  • Service and maintenance: You’ll need your Bobcat serial number to request service information so the correct procedure for your specific machine is used. The procedure used varies depending on the age of the machine, so be sure to use your serial number since the age of the machine can vary among models.
  • Extended warranty: You need your serial number to purchase an extended warranty plan from Bobcat. This can minimize repair costs and stop breakdowns from negatively affecting your projects with unnecessary downtime.
  • Additional services: You may need your serial number to use additional services through the manufacturer, like using the feature of the owner portal.
  • Insurance: You’ll need identifying information such as your serial number to insure your machine or through a third party or file a claim. The model and year of your Bobcat won’t be specific enough.
  • Theft: If your Bobcat is stolen, you can use the serial number to report the theft and get your machine back. You can give your dealer the serial number, and if your stolen machine comes in to be serviced, it can be recovered.
  • Selling your machine: Buyers may ask for the serial number when purchasing equipment to ensure it hasn’t been stolen. They also will want it as a courtesy so that they can do the things listed above. You may also need your serial number if you’re going to trade in the machine.

Why it’s important to know your Bobcat serial number

How to Find the Year of Your Machine

If you need to find the year of your machine, you can find that information on the serial number plate. Alternatively, if you just have the serial number, you can fill out the service issue form to contact Bobcat customer service or call 1-800-743-4340. That way, they will tell you the year of the machine.

How to Order Parts for Your Machine

Once you have your serial number, you can order parts or get the maintenance you need. With your serial number, you can use the Bobcat Parts Catalog and order parts from your dealer or online on the Bobcat website.


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Your Bobcat serial number can be used for repairs, service, and maintenance. If you need a Bobcat machine for your project, it is smart to rent a reliable, well-maintained machine that has a serial number and manual, rather than buy one second-hand without a manual or serial number.

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