Need a Job? Construction Companies Are Seeking Skilled Workers

Need a Job? Construction Companies Are Seeking Skilled Workers
There are many construction industry jobs available across the United States

The job market constantly changes. The construction industry is no different. In November 2017, the industry hit an all-time high in spending at $1.257 billion. It marked the fourth-straight month of increases. This increase was due in part to builder spending and the start of high-budget construction jobs. As a result, skilled workers are in demand.

Future of Construction Jobs

Many construction companies hire workers in the spring. The warmer weather allows for better working conditions. Outside jobs tend to start at this time. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reports on job trends and wages. It states that construction jobs should grow by 11 percent from 2016 through 2026. This is faster than the national average. The BLS also reported median annual wages for construction was $44,730 as of May 2017.

However, there still remains a labor shortage in the industry. It’s hard for some firms to keep skilled laborers around to meet the growing demand. In 2017, the construction industry added 210,000 jobs. This was more than the 155,000 in 2016 but fewer than the 336,000 in 2015. With the reduction in the corporate tax rate, it’s up to firms to determine where the money goes. They can put it toward training programs or increase wages. Both ways can attract more skilled workers.

Best States for Construction Jobs

Location is a prime decision in finding construction jobs. You can check out Texas, Florida, and California. These three states dealt with natural disasters in 2017 and suffered losses. They also tend to pay the most.

Texas dealt with the damage of Hurricane Harvey. The state still needs help to rebuild highways, buildings, and homes. The state also has high-profile projects lined up. One of them involves the new Texas Rangers stadium. Florida had Hurricane Irma, and some of its cities have high-profile projects in place. California dealt with deadly wildfires and mudslides, so workers to help with rebuilding homes and roadways are needed. Demand for construction services remain in high demand there.

Construction Job Training

If you don’t have experience, think about getting training. Make the investment in yourself to help you land the job. Some construction firms pay to train, and you can also take courses online. OSHA offers training, and you can get a Certified Operator card once you finish. Most of these courses are affordable. Some companies require proof of certification upon hiring.


Carpenters construct and install building frameworks. Their jobs can include indoor work on cabinets or outside on bridges and highways. You might only need a high school diploma or equivalent. However, you can gain experience on the job or through apprenticeships. Median pay for this job is currently $45,170. Employment should grow by 8 percent, and new home-building and remodeling projects may add to this growth.

Equipment Operators

Operators drive and control heavy machinery. These machines can include dozers, forklifts, backhoes, and excavators. They construct roads, buildings, bridges, and other structures. Most times, you need only a high school diploma or equivalent. You can also gain training at vocational schools or through apprenticeships. Median pay for this job is $46,080.

Employment should grow by 12 percent. This increase is faster than the national average. This number is due to an increase in spending on infrastructure, which should open new positions. If you can operate several types of equipment, you might have better job options.

Construction Laborers

A construction laborer performs physical labor at the jobsite. The tasks might include cleaning the space and loading materials. Formal education is not needed. You may gain experience through apprenticeship programs or on-the-job training. Median pay for this job is $33,450. Construction laborers should see an increase in jobs by 12 percent. Demand for these workers should reflect the jobs available in the industry.

Construction Supervisors

Construction supervisors plan, budget, and control jobsites. They usually take on the project from start to finish. You typically need a bachelor’s degree in construction or civil engineering. You can also get on-the-job training. If you want to work for a larger firm, you might need both formal education and training. Median pay is $91,370.

Employment should grow by 11 percent due to an increase in construction activity. Supervisors will need to oversee the many projects. Those who have education and experience should have better job chances.

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