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Unpredictable weather is sometimes inevitable when working on construction projects. Read on about how to handle storms, how to prepare a disaster recovery plan, and more.
How Climate Change Is Affecting Construction Jobs

Find out how combating climate change is affecting the construction job outlook.

The Science of Hurricane-Proof Buildings

Hurricanes cause immense destruction to our communities. We cover the science and technology of hurricane-proof buildings and how structures are built to resist winds, floods, and debris.

Rebuilding After a Disaster: Do You Stay or Leave?

Once a hurricane, wildfire, tornado, flood, or earthquake has passed, there’s one main decision many people have to make: After losing everything in a disaster, do you rebuild in the same area or pack up and head somewhere safer? Here are some major factors to consider when trying to answer such a question.

Natural Disaster Recovery Plan and Preparation

If a natural disaster hits, you need to be prepared. Construction companies are often needed to help out with cleaning up after a large weather event.

How to Prepare a Business for a Hurricane

Any business that is located on the coast of Florida or Texas is in the direct pathway of the majority of hurricanes that hit land in America. There is no way to combat a natural disaster or a storm of that magnitude, so the best solution is to put time and effort into proper preparation, so your business has the least damages possible.

The Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters are not something a business can predict. Be it a flood, tornado, or a massive blackout, many professionals either forget to obtain backup servers or cannot afford them. The mere fact that a single incident can turn a thriving business into a failure should spur all businesses, both large and small, to obtain and maintain a disaster recovery plan.

What Is a Business Disaster Recovery Plan?

Natural catastrophes, network attacks, and intrusions can cripple a business and unfortunately do happen. If the unthinkable does happen, it is the priority of any business is to resume work as quickly and effectively as possible. This is why it is imperative for every business to have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Unique Marketing Ideas for Disaster Restoration

Marketing ideas for disaster restoration companies are very interesting because you have to set yourself up as the expert in the industry without making your customers feel like they never need to come see you.  You do not want anyone to have a problem with a major disaster in their home, but you can easily solve the problem with help from content marketing.

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