How to Design Your Exterior Store Experience

If you own a retail store, you know how a store remodel can dramatically enhance your store experience. While there is a lot of focus on a store’s interior, the exterior of a brick-and-mortar store can play an equally important role in turning casual passerbys into loyal customers.

According to a study by Morspace, 95% of consumers said that the external appearance of a store influences their decision to shop there. An attractive exterior experience can improve drive sales, increase your property value, and—most importantly—make the difference between passerbys just walking on and stepping foot into your store.

To spruce up your store’s exterior experience, you will need to pay attention to its cleanliness, personal touches, and overall presence. Our infographic shows the essential components to consider, including the parking layout, signage, and storefront features.

An infographic showing how to design your exterior store experience and enhance your retail curb appeal, with tips on parking design, signage, and storefront features.

Business owners who enhance their outdoor retail experience will have better odds of increasing foot traffic to their store and attracting their desired clientele. A clean, well-organized, and appealing storefront gives customers a positive impression of your brand. While not all stores can accommodate these practices we discussed, even minor changes to your storefront can make your retail store stand out and create lifetime customers.


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