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Kubota Mini Excavator Specifications & Size Charts

Kubota Mini Excavator Specifications & Size Charts

With so many specs to consider, finding the right excavator can be tricky. There are multiple types of excavators, and they can range in size from 0 to about 8 tons. Choosing the right one for your project depends on a number of factors, like the digging depth, power required, and operating weight of the machine.

Kubota Tractor Corporation is a company that specializes in excavators with maximum versatility. While it first produced tractors when it started in 1969, Kubota now manufactures a wide variety of construction equipment and heavy equipment for landscaping and agriculture. It’s well known for having some of the toughest and most dependable mini excavators (also called compact excavators) and mid-size machines.

In this post, we go over Kubota mini excavator sizes, including their specs and the best applications for them, to help you choose the right one for your jobsite.

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Kubota Mini Excavator Sizes

Kubota offers a wide variety of excavators, ranging from zero to 8+ tons. The company has two lines of excavators, the U series and the K series, with each line designed for slightly different jobs.

Kubota U series excavators work best in tight spaces and are known for their durability and convenience. Kubota K series excavators are known for their high performance efficiency and maneuverability. While the K series has conventional tail swing, U series vehicles have tight tail swing, and some lower horsepower models have zero tail swing configurations.

0–2 Ton Mini Excavators

0-2 ton kubota mini excavators

The smallest Kubota mini excavators fall into the 0- to 2-ton range. These ultra-compact machines are best for shallow trenching, digging, grading, and demolition of small structures.

When space is an issue, the Kubota U17 not only offers zero tail swing but is known for its high-performance precision work in tight spaces.

Model Net Power Digging Radius Operating Weight Dig Depth Width Height
K008-5 10.3 HP 10’11” 2,315 lb 5’8” 2’10” 7’4”
U10-5 10.3 HP 11’1” 2,646 lb 5’11” 3’3” 7’5”
U17 16.1 HP 13’9” 3,693 lb 7’7” 3’3” 7’8”
KX018-4 15.5 HP 12’10.3” 3,737 lb 7’9.7” 4’3.2” 7’7.7”


2–4 Ton Mini Excavators

2-4 ton kubota mini excavators

Next up in size are the 2- to 4-ton mini excavators. These machines are best for trenching, grading, demolishing small structures, digging foundations, worksite prep, and material handling.

The newest machine in this class is the KX030-4 Compact Excavator. It has more bucket breakout force and lifting force as compared to the previous model, the KX71-3S.

Model Net Power Digging Radius Operating Weight Dig Depth Width Height
U27-4 20 HP 15’9” 5,688 lb 9’5” 4’11” 7’11”
KX030-4 23.7 HP 16’3” 6,272 lb 9’7” 5’1” 8’1”
KX030-4 Angle Blade (rubber canopy) 23.2 HP N/A 7,781 lb N/A 5’1” 8’1”
KX033-4 23.2 HP 17’2” 7,420 lb 10’6” 5’1” 8’1”
KX033-4 Angle Blade (rubber) 23.2 HP N/A 7,781 lb N/A 5’1” 8’1”
U35-4 (rubber) 23.9 HP 17’3.6” 8,488 lb 9’8.9” 5’6.9” 8’1.2”
U35-4 Angle Blade (rubber) 23.9 HP N/A 8,836 lb N/A 5’6.9” 8’1.2”


4–6 Ton Mini Excavators

4-6 ton kubota mini excavators

Next up are the 4- to 6-ton mini excavators. These machines are best for trenching, grading, digging foundations, worksite prep, and material handling.

One popular model in this class is the Kubota KX040-4, which can be equipped with a quick coupler and auxiliary hydraulics for more power.

Model Net Power Digging Radius Operating Weight Dig Depth Width Height
KX040-4 38.9 HP 18’2.1” 9,195 lb 7’4.8” 5’6.9” 8’1.8”
KX040-4 Angle Blade 38.9 HP N/A 9,545 lb N/A 5’6.9” 8’1.8”
KX040-4 6-in-1 Blade 38.9 HP N/A 9,900 lb N/A 5’10.9” 8’1.8”
U48-5 38.9 HP 18’10” 1,0848 lb 10’8” 6’5” 8’4”
U48-5 Angle Blade 38.9 HP N/A 11,322 lb N/A 6’5” 8’4”
KX057-5 46.4 HP 20’7” 12,346 lb 12’9” 6’5” 8’4”
KX057-5 Angle Blade 46.4 HP N/A 12,820 lb N/A 6’5” 8’4”
U55-5 46.4 HP 20’0” 12,247 lb 11’11” 6’5” 8’4”
U55-5 Angle Blade 46.4 HP N/A 12,721 lb N/A 6’5” 8’4”


8+ Ton Mini Excavators

8+ ton kubota mini excavators

Finally, the largest class of Kubota’s mini excavators are machines 8 tons and over in size. 8+ ton machines are best for trenching, grading, backfilling, digging foundations, worksite prep, material handling, and demolition.

Model Net Power Digging Radius Operating Weight Dig Depth Width Height
KX080-4S2 62.3 HP 24’0.6” 18,596 lb 15’1.1” 7’2.6” 8’4”
KX080-4S2 Angle Blade 62.3 HP N/A 19,456 lb N/A 7’2.6” 8’4”


Mini vs. Standard Excavators

Mini excavators perform many of the same functions as standard excavators, just in a more compact package. Mini excavators are simply the smallest excavators you can get. They’re best for smaller outdoor spaces or indoor work projects.

Standard excavators are generally more useful in commercial construction projects. Their larger size means they typically have more power, with higher performance capabilities and max digging depths than their mini counterparts.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mini Excavator?

The cost to rent a mini excavator can vary depending on the size of the machine, the amount of time you need it, your area, and equipment availability. Here’s a general overview of the typical cost to rent each type of mini excavator.

0–2 tons:

2–4 tons:

4–6 tons:

8+ tons:

Choose the Right Excavator for Your Next Job

When looking for the right excavator for your next job, you should consider multiple factors, such as dig depth, power, weight, and height. But you also need to account for details related to your project and jobsite:

  • Terrain: What type of ground are you working on? Is it flat and stable, or muddy and uneven? Are you inside or outside? Environmental factors like these will impact the size and type of excavator you might need.
  • Project type: Whether you’re digging trenches, demolishing structures, piping, or any number of other tasks, make sure the excavator you choose is designed for that specific type of work.
  • Site transportation: Depending on how large and open your jobsite is, you might need more speed to get to different points on it efficiently. Alternatively, a cramped site that has you working in tight spaces can also dictate the size of excavator you need.
  • Fuel capacity: Some excavators have greater fuel capacities than others, so the machine you rent should be capable of the longevity you need.

Ultimately, the best excavator for you really depends on your project. Each size class has its own specialty. Zero- to 2-ton mini excavators are better for shallow trenching and digging than 4- to 6-ton excavators. Similarly, long reach excavators are better for heavy-duty digging projects that need to reach farther than a mini excavator could. Choose your machine based on the power, weight, dig depth, width, and height you need for your project.

Ready to rent a mini excavator? You’ve come to the right place. With a wide variety of excavators from Kubota, as well as other trusted brands like Bobcat and John Deere, BigRentz has the selection for all your equipment rental needs.

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