How to Stay Healthy When You’re Standing All Day

We know that sitting all day at your job isn’t the best idea when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, recent studies suggest that standing all day can have its drawbacks as well.

75% of the world’s working population spends all day working on their feet. Construction workers, teachers, nurses, retail workers, and waitresses are familiar with the feeling. Standing, bending down, and lifting objects can cause leg cramps and feet and back pain, even after just short periods of standing.

To remain comfortable when you’re working on your feet, you must take measures to strengthen and circulate your body while possessing the right form and balance. Check out our infographic below that outlines good posture, effective stretches and movements, and tips to incorporate when you’re standing all day at work.

Infographic describing how to stay healthy when standing all day at work, including stretches and proper posture.

Whether you are required to work all day on your feet or opted to use a standing desk, proper postures and stretches will help counteract the discomfort that might come from prolonged standing. Having a proper stance keeps joints in correct alignment and prevents muscle fatigue, while stretching and yoga can help with improving circulation and reducing pain. The most important takeaway is that the human body is engineered to move. Like exercising, standing requires variety and proper form to maintain good health.

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