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The Top 10 Crane Companies in the World

The Top 10 Crane Companies in the World

When you need to hoist and move heavy objects, a crane can meet your needs. Cranes use a pulley system, redistributing force in different directions to help lift and lower loads.

There are many types of cranes, each designed for different functions and tasks. For example, carry deck cranes are generally used in moderate material handling jobs, while tower cranes are used when building large structures.

With so many diverse needs to serve, it’s no wonder the crane industry is expansive. If you feel overwhelmed trying to compare all the cranes out there, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we rank the world’s top crane manufacturing companies by their total crane revenue and go over the types of cranes they make.

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Crane manufacturer Crane revenue
(in billions U.S. dollars)
Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (XCMG) 5.66 Xuzhou, China
Zoomlion 5.45 Changsha, China
Liebherr 4.33 Bulle, Switzerland
Konecranes PLC 3.73 Hyvinkää, Finland
Zenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (ZPMC) 3.43 Shanghai, China
SANY Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd 3.43 Changsha, China
Cargotec 2.52 Helsinki, Finland
Manitowoc Cranes 1.70 Wisconsin, USA
Tadano 1.63 Kagawa, Japan
Palfinger 1.12 Salzburg, Austria


1. Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (XCMG)

xcmg crane manufacturer

XCMG is a Chinese construction machinery company. It creates machinery for many applications including roadwork, mining, and concrete work. XCMG is ranked as the third-largest construction company in the world. One of its best-known offerings is a high-powered, all-terrain 1,200-ton telescopic crane that uses a global self-folding special boom, powered by wind.

  • Headquarters: Xuzhou, China
  • Founded in: 1943
  • Total revenue from cranes: $5.66 billion
  • Website: https://www.xcmg.com/

Here are a few standout crane models that XCMG produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
XGC88000 Crawler crane 3600 120
XLC 220 Crawler crane 220 83
XCR120 Rough terrain crane 120 50
XCT50Y Telescopic crane 50 43.3
XGC45 Crawler crane 45 37


2. Zoomlion

zoomlion crane manufacturer

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. develops equipment for multiple industries, including construction, engineering, and agriculture. They’re headquartered in China but have branches in more than 40 countries. In 2022, they launched the ZAT24000H, an all-terrain crane with the world’s largest hoisting capacity in tonnage.

  • Headquarters: Changsha, China
  • Founded in: 1992
  • Total revenue from cranes: $5.45 billion
  • Website: http://en.zoomlion.com/

Here are a few crane models that Zoomlion produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
ZTC1100R Telescopic crane 121 58.5
ZCT900V Crawler crane 90 47
ZRT600E532 Rough terrain crane 66 45
ZRT400V432 Rough terrain crane 44 33
R370-20RB Tower crane 20 80


3. Liebherr

liebherr crane manufacturer

Liebherr is a Swiss manufacturer. They’re best known for their heavy-duty offshore cranes, such as the CAL 64000 model. In general, they produce a wide range of cargo handling equipment, including floating cranes, along with crane parts and equipment.

  • Headquarters: Bulle, Switzerland
  • Founded in: 1949
  • Total revenue from cranes: $4.33 billion
  • Website: https://www.liebherr.com/

Here are a few standout crane models that Liebherr produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
CAL 64000 Floating crane 1,200 108
LTM 1750-9.1 Telescopic crane 800 52
LR 1110 Crawler crane 110 71
LRT 1090-2.1 Rough terrain crane 90 47
85 EC-B 5 FR Tower crane 5.5 N/A


4. Konecranes PLC

konecranes crane manufacturer

Konecranes PLC specializes in overhead cranes, providing several variations including rope hoist, chain hoist, portable, gantry, and wall-mounted console cranes. Features like sway control and target positioning help enhance safety and productivity when using their cranes.

Here are a few crane models that Konecranes PLC produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
(M3 Duty Class)
Overhead crane 200 N/A
R-1 Rotating portal woodyard crane Overhead crane 14 61
LB-1 Log boom woodyard crane Overhead crane 14 56
CXT Gantry crane Overhead crane 12.5 N/A
CXT Explorer Overhead crane 5 5


5. Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (ZPMC)

zpmc crane manufacturer

Known for their steel-structure, large-scale container cranes, Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a crane industry leader. Responding to the increase in large-scale containers across many industries, they specialize in ship-to-shore gantry cranes, selling their equipment in more than 100 countries.

The cranes are generally delivered to each port and are assembled on ships. They’re operated using Chinese-made software.

As of 2007, 50% of the roughly 4,000 existing container cranes worldwide came from ZPMC. In the US, ZPMC cranes make up nearly 80% of the ship-to-shore cranes in use.

  • Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  • Founded in: 1992
  • Total revenue from cranes: $3.44 billion

Website: https://zpmcusa.com/

6. SANY Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.

sany crane manufacturer

SANY is the world’s third-largest engineering machinery manufacturer. They provide a wide range of construction machinery, including excavators, road equipment, cranes, and many other machines.

According to SANY, the SANY SCC9800TM set a record for having the largest lifting capacity of any mobile crane ever recorded, with a maximum lifting capacity of over 98,000TM.

Here are a few standout crane models that SANY produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
SCE1350A-EV Crawler crane 135 76
STC600C5 Telescopic crane 60 45.5


Tower crane 50 N/A
SRC500T Rough terrain crane 50 45
SPS8000 Truck-mounted crane 3.6 10.4


7. Cargotec

cargotec crane manufacturer

Cargotec Corporation was formed in June 2005, the result of the demerger of the Kone Corporation into two companies (Cargotec and KONE).

Cargotec itself is composed of three companies: Macgregor, Hiab, and Kalmar. Each company specializes in creating equipment for certain environments. Macgregor produces floating cranes and equipment for floating cranes. Hiab produces truck-mounted cranes for various applications, like forestry, construction, and roadwork. And Kalmer produces overhead cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, and forklift trucks designed for the cargo industry.

  • Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
  • Founded in: 2005
  • Total revenue from cranes: $2.52 billion
  • Website: https://www.cargotec.com/

Here are a few crane models that Cargotec produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
HIAB X-CLX 328 EP-2 Truck mounted crane 30.3 8
HIAB X-HiPro 232 E-3 Truck mounted crane 19 10.6
HIAB iX.142 HIPRO B-2 Truck mounted crane 13.6 8.8
HIAB X-DUO 128 Truck mounted crane 12.4 15.1
LOGLIFT 18Z Truck mounted crane 5.5 10.4


8. Manitowoc Cranes

manitowoc crane manufacturer

Manitowoc is an American crane manufacturer and a leading provider of mobile cranes. They also produce a variety of rough terrain, all-terrain, truck-mounted, military, industrial, and telescoping crawler cranes.

Manitowoc manufactures two different variations of tower cranes: a self-erecting crane and a top-slewing crane. The self-erecting crane is stationary, easy to install and remotely control, and suitable for smaller job sites with restricted space. The top-slewing crane is more suitable for  large industrial jobs that need a high lifting capacity at height, especially for sites that are high up or spread out over wide areas.

Here are a few crane models that Manitowoc Cranes produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
GMK3060-2 Telescopic crane 60 40
GHC50 Crawler crane 45 30.4
TSM500-2 Truck mounted crane 36.3 29
RT530E-2 Rough terrain crane 30 29
GCD15 Carrydeck crane 13.6 15.4


9. Tadano

tadano crane manufacturer

Tadano is a Japanese company that produces a wide range of cranes for any type of terrain, application, or scenario. Their leading crane is the rough-terrain crane, often used in large processing plants. Their mobile cranes also account for 56% of the total demand in North America.

  • Headquarters: Kagawa, Japan
  • Founded in: 1948
  • Total revenue from cranes: $1.63 billion
  • Website: https://www.tadano.com/

Here are a few crane models that Tadano produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
AC 9.700-1 Telescopic crane 800 60
GTC-1600 Crawler crane 160 61
AC 3.055-1 Telescopic crane 60 50
GTC-550 Crawler crane 55 34.5
GR-350XL Rough terrain crane 35 31


10. Palfinger

palfinger crane manufacturer

Palfinger, an Austrian company, is one of the leading truck equipment manufacturers in the world, producing mostly truck-mounted cranes. They’re well known for their hydraulic knuckle boom cranes, their core product line. These cranes have booms that can fold back like a finger, providing versatile movement and maneuverability.

Here are a few crane models that Palfinger produces.

Model Type of crane Maximum load capacity (tons) Maximum boom length (meters)
PK 135.002 TEC 7 Truck-mounted cranes 33.1 34.7
PK 78002 SH High Performance Truck-mounted cranes 27.6 25.1
PK 32080 Truck-mounted cranes 9.4 24.9
PK 7.501 SLD 5 Truck-mounted cranes 3.6 12.9
PC I500 Compact Truck-mounted cranes 1.1 4.2


How to Choose the Right Crane

Finding the right crane for you depends on your specific project scope and needs. Here are some factors to consider when you’re looking for a crane:

  • Assess your jobsite. Make sure the crane you choose is suited to the conditions of your jobsite. If you’re working near a shoreline, for example, you might want to go with a floating crane or gantry crane. If your terrain is uneven, you may need a rough-terrain machine.
  • Determine the height and lifting capacity requirements. Certain cranes, like the SANY SCC9800TM, can have a lifting capacity as high as 4,500 tons. Other cranes are designed to handle lighter loads. Either way, it’s important to identify the lifting capacity and height needs for your project so you can find a machine with matching specs.
  • Understand the difference between mobile vs. fixed cranes. Fixed cranes can generally carry and hoist heavier materials than mobile cranes. While mobile cranes may have a lower height and lifting capacity limit, they are portable and maneuverable.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Crane?

The total cost to rent a crane depends on many factors, such as where you live, the rental duration, the type of crane, the current crane market, and the lifting capacity of the crane. Typically, small mobile cranes can cost as low as $200 per day to rent, while large tower cranes can cost around $10,000 per day to rent.

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