How to Enhance a Small Business through Technology

How to Enhance a Small Business through Technology
Technology can give a small business the tools needed to compete in a big-business market

You have started a small business and need to enhance your marketing efforts to the masses to be successful. Yes, you can be successful with advertising, flyers and networking around town but creating an online presence could very well mean the difference between success and big fame and fortune.

How to Enhance a Small Business through Technology

  1. Publish a Website for Your Business
  2. We all plug into our mobile phones, tablets, and computers to keep up with the ever-changing world in which we live. For this reason, an online presence in the form of a website is vital. Whether in-house or outsourced, it should be in your business plan to hire one or two individual(s) to create, maintain, and monitor your website in order to stay up to date with changing software and technology. Mobility technology is a critical issue in surviving the electronic communication demands of society.

  3. Recognize Your Online Audience through Client Lists
  4. Further, the clientele that would benefit from your social media strategy needs to be addressed. An electronic database should be put in place and there are many software packages available for your ease in creating your records database. Data entry of names, addresses, telephone numbers, electronic mail (email) and other categories is a simple but tedious task and is necessary for your ease in getting your product distributed and communication with the population. These records must be kept updated and reviewed on a consistent basis.

  5. Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy
  6. While there are numerous aspects to your online marketing strategy, your profile should grab the attention of the individual as quickly as possible. Customers that will be searching the internet for services or products that you produce need a user-friendly site that is both quick and understandable. This can be accomplished with bold bright colors, identifying logos, and descriptive sentences with keywords. Once an individual has landed on your site, it is imperative that they stay there and connect with you. Ways to provide this value to the reader is to have product videos, reviews, and testimonials so that they are well informed as to who they are conducting business with and comfortable with the business’ practices, procedures, and policies. If you sell products on your site, provide different pay options, shipping costs and tracking information. Create actionable steps for viewers that are easy to find and not complicated.

  7. Develop Brand Messaging that Caters to Your Audience
  8. Most importantly let the viewer know that you are there for them. Emphasize that they are the most important part of your business and that you are there to solve their problems, make their lives easier and change their lives. Your site needs to offer your business and/or products in an enticing manner and needs to make the consumer feel good about themselves for making the decision to trust in you for their needs. They will, in turn, refer to you and your business to friends and family for their future or immediate needs. It’s a win-win situation for all.

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