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Single vs. Double Drum Roller: When to Use Each

Single vs. Double Drum Roller: When to Use Each

Selecting the correct drum roller can make a substantial difference when it comes to preparing ground for construction projects and smoothing out surfaces for road work. With this comprehensive guide, we aim to explain the differences between single drum rollers and double drum rollers – and when each should be used – as well as providing insights on rental rates so you can make an informed decision when renting equipment.

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Understanding Drum Rollers

A drum roller, also referred to as a road roller or smooth drum roller, is a heavy-duty machine used for compacting and leveling surfaces such as soil, gravel and asphalt. These machines are commonly found in construction projects related to road work, paving and creating building foundations. Single drum rollers and double drum rollers exist with key differences being determined by how many drums (circular wheels) they utilize in compaction processes.

Single Drum Roller

single drum roller

Single drum rollers are heavy-duty pieces of equipment with one large drum mounted at its front end and specially-made tires at the rear, fitted with sturdy treaded tires designed to offer excellent traction allowing it to move across various terrains easily and comfortably. An operator cab located centrally gives operators clear views of surrounding environments and their drum.


They offer several advantages that make them an excellent option for certain projects.


Due to their compact size and single drum design, they offer greater maneuverability when traversing tight spaces.


These soil compactors can handle an assortment of terrains and applications, making them suitable for construction projects ranging from leveling the ground for sidewalks or driveways to paving highways.

Prep Work

They can help prepare surfaces before construction begins, such as leveling ground for building foundation or compaction of soil for sports field purposes.

Double Drum Roller

double drum roller

Double drum rollers (commonly referred to as tandem rollers) feature two large drums – one in the front and one in the rear – designed to compact surfaces both ahead of and behind of their machine simultaneously, giving greater efficiency and power than conventional machines with tires. However, depending on project requirements this lack of tires could both benefit or detract.


They offer many benefits that make them suitable for various projects.


They feature two drums to increase compaction power and can take care of heavy asphalt applications effortlessly.


Due to their dual-drum design, these rollers can cover twice the area in a single pass – speeding up project completion while decreasing labor costs.

Asphalt Paving

They make an excellent tool for quickly and precisely compacting and leveling large areas such as highways, parking lots or any other large surfaces.

Comparing Applications

To determine which drum roller type best meets the demands and difficulties associated with your task, it's essential to assess its requirements and challenges carefully. Here we highlight suitable applications of single and double drum rollers.

Jobs for Single Drum Rollers

  • Leveling ground for sidewalks, driveways and building foundations
  • Compacting soil for sports fields or landscaping projects
  • Paving roads (although less efficiently than double drum rollers)
  • Projects that require extra mobility and precision, like working in tight spaces or making sharp turns.

Jobs for Double Drum Rollers

  • Flattening heavy objects such as subgrade and subbase layers on roads
  • Highway paving, where efficiency and speed are important
  • Large-scale projects requiring multiple passes with one drum roller such as flattening parking lots or leveling large areas to construct new roads would typically need multiple passes with just a single roller for completion

Drum Roller Rental Considerations

Consider renting the equipment instead of buying outright when selecting your drum roller for your project. Renting drum rollers provides several advantages over purchasing them outright.

Cost Savings

Renting can often be more cost-efficient than purchasing, especially for short-term projects or when the equipment won't be needed regularly.


Drum roller rentals make selecting the appropriate machine easier without making an inconvenient long-term commitment. This enables you to switch between single drum rollers and double drum rollers depending on each job's individual specifications, offering greater versatility in selection.


Renting a drum roller means maintenance and repair costs will typically be covered by your rental company – helping keep costs to a minimum and assuring optimal working condition of equipment.

Selecting the Right Drum Roller Rental

With so many drum roller rental options available to you, selecting the suitable equipment for your project is key. Keep the following factors in mind when making this important choice:

Project Requirements

Consider all of your project requirements carefully – such as type of surface, compaction depth and maneuverability needs – when choosing between single drum roller and double drum roller models for use on this task. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

Drum Width

Think carefully about how wide a drum you require relative to the size and scope of the area you need to compact. Wider drums will enable you to cover more ground quickly, speeding up completion.

Weight and Power

Make sure your drum roller has enough weight and power to handle the materials or surfaces that require compacting, such as asphalt applications or dense soil compacting.

Final Thoughts

Selecting an effective drum roller – be it single or double drum rollers – for your construction project is integral to its success. By taking into consideration specific job requirements and advantages offered by each roller type as well as renting options available through drum roller rentals, you can select an ideal piece of equipment to achieve smooth surfaces compacted tightly enough for success in your undertaking.

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