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About Construction Projects in Huntsville, AL

Working as a contractor in Huntsville takes a little research. You’ll have to learn about applying for permits and getting a contractor license. However, when you get these things down, you’ll have no problems working on your next project.

Getting a Building Permit

Most projects in Huntsville require a building permit. To help you, the city has several steps you should take when applying. These include:

  • Meeting with the Zoning Administration for a pre-application review with contractors and developers
  • Getting a privilege license
  • Submitting a complete application

Residential and commercial projects are slightly different from each other. For a residential project, you’ll need to submit a site plan drawn to scale that shows the house and lot. You’ll also need a separate plan that shows elevation. Finally, you’ll need to include the letter of approval from the Board of Zoning Adjustment and your homebuilder’s licensure card.

Commercial projects require a professional designer to stamp two sets of plans if the property is over 2,500 square feet. You’ll also need a building permit routing form and an approval letter from the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

For both projects, this information goes to the Inspection Department for approval.

Building Permit Costs

Building permits are not free. The city uses a scale to calculate fees. For single-family home permits, the city adds the heated square footage multiplied by $15 and the unheated square footage multiplied by $7.50. Next, they multiply this number by .0055 to come up with the cost.

For all other projects, the fee is the project cost multiplied by .0055. For more information on building permits in Huntsville, visit the City’s website.

Becoming a Licensed Contractor

Being a contractor in Huntsville is about more than applying for permits. All contractors working in Huntsville must have Alabama state certification. You also need to have a privilege license with the city. There are four main types of this license, which include:

  • Home building contractor, which lets you work on commercial work less than $50,000
  • State general contractor, which lets you work on projects over $50,000
  • Plumbing, mechanical, gas, landscaping, and electrical contractors, which let you work in any of these fields
  • Specialty contractor, which lets you work as a sub-contractor

To get this license, you’ll need to pay a fee. It varies depending on the projects you’re working on. For projects under $25,000, the fee is only $75. However, for projects over $10,000,000, it jumps up to $500 plus $.25 for each additional $1,000.

Another important part of being a contractor is having insurance. You must have proof of insurance which names the city of Huntsville as the benefactor. This insurance needs to have at least $200,000 in coverage for a single incident. Additionally, the insurance must have a 10-day notice before cancellation and be valid for at least 30 days before you start working.

Now that you know more about permits and licensing in Huntsville, there’s one last thing you should consider — renting equipment. With the right aerial equipment, the job will go much faster. Consider renting boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts for your next project.

By keeping all of this information in mind, you’re on your way to becoming a successful contractor in Huntsville.

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