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About Construction Projects in Anchorage, AK

What You Need to Know

Located on the banks of the Cook Inlet, Anchorage is the ideal site for any construction business. Learn more about the Alaskan city’s building rules before starting your project.

Building Permits

You need a building permit before constructing, altering, or demolishing any building or structure in the Municipality of Anchorage.

You must apply for your building permit in person at the Building Safety Division. This building is located at 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage.

To apply, complete the commercial permit worksheet. You can edit this online, then print it out. Submit it to the Building Safety Division with the following items if you are building a commercial structure:

  • A complete legal description of your property, including its street address and tax file number
  • Two copies of geotechnical reports
  • Three sets of construction plans signed and stamped by an engineer or architect registered in Alaska
  • Calculations to match construction plans
  • A code study
  • Two copies of any previous agreements or requests
  • Three certified copies of plot plans signed and stamped by a land surveyor registered in Alaska
  • A permit or application from the Department of Health and Human Services, if the lot needs site water and sewer
  • Plan review time
  • Permit fees

A building inspector will review your plans and make sure they adhere to local and national safety codes.

You cannot start your construction project until your permit is granted. Within 360 days of approval, your workers must do enough construction for you to arrange a building inspection. Otherwise, your license will expire.

Liability Coverage

You should check to make sure that you have good liability coverage before you sign any contracts. Builders in Anchorage should at least have general liability insurance. This protects builders from most common job mishaps.

Builders also enjoy the extra protection of course of construction (COC) insurance. Also called builder’s risk insurance, it covers physical property damage that could occur during construction. Anchorage lenders won’t finance projects without COC insurance.

Commercial auto coverage and insurance for tools and equipment are also common policies. Tools and equipment policies protect tools that cost more than $500 and that aren’t covered by general liability policies.

If you’re hiring a separate building firm, you have the right to ask them about their insurance coverage.

Building Licenses

Every individual builder and building firm working in the Municipality of Anchorage needs a Municipal Contractors License. Builders need a State of Alaska Contractor License to apply for a Municipal Contractors License.

You can get an application form in person from the Development Services Department or the Municipality of Anchorage website. To apply, submit:

  • Your completed Municipal Contractors License form
  • Your State of Alaska Contractor License
  • The construction bond
  • Your Mechanical/Electrical Administrators License, if applicable
  • Your application fee

Building permits are typically issued within seven to 10 business days. They are valid for no more than two years. They expire on February 14.

And don’t forget that you need to get ahold of the right aerial equipment for your job. Renting your scissor lifts, forklifts, man lifts, or boom lifts is probably your best option to be sure you have exactly what you need.

Keep this guide handy for your next building project. Following the Anchorage city rules will help you make sure it goes off without a hitch.

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