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About Construction Projects in Surprise, AZ

The rapid growth in Surprise brings with it many opportunities for contractors. As Phoenix has expanded, so has its neighbor. This growing city needs new homes and new businesses. Be part of the boom, but do it with the proper certification.


If you are building, renovating, demolishing, moving, or improving almost any structure, you probably need a permit. Minor repairs not including new wiring, new plumbing, and asbestos or lead removal may be exempt. But always check, because operating without a permit is illegal. It will result in a fine, cessation of work, or redoing what you did wrong. Of course, it will also be a knock against the reputation of your business.

Fortunately, Surprise’s expansion has prompted the City to make its permit process swift and user-friendly. On their website, you can find out about the application steps and the Self-Certification Building Permit Program.

Surprise has a self-certification program. To qualify, you must first take a training class given by the City of Phoenix. Once certified, you can get permits faster for most construction and improvements. Extra-large projects, hillside development, construction in a floodplain, and hazardous work are not included.

The permit application process starts with a visit to the Development Services Center. You’ll go through the following steps:

  • A representative will discuss your project and lead you to a pre-submittal or concept meeting.
  • The team will answer your questions about paperwork, design, and review, so you’ll be fully prepared to apply.
  • After application, expect ten days for residential projects and 16 days for commercial ones.
  • If your plans require changes, reapply, and expect half as much time as the initial review.
  • Once your plans are approved, pick up your permit at the Information Center.
  • When work is done, schedule a next-business-day inspection Monday through Thursday. After-hours appointments are available for a fee.
  • After passing final inspection, receive your “Open for Business Certificate of Occupancy.”


Arizona conveniently combines all contractor’s licensing services at Go there to get started. The process is much smoother when you follow the right steps:

  1. Pass all examinations by at least 70 percent.
  2. Register your legal entity at the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  3. Get an EIN from the IRS.
  4. Get a license bond.
  5. Complete all application forms.
  6. Get workers’ compensation insurance.
  7. Gather supporting documents.
  8. Pay the application and licensing fees.


Your company will need up-to-date general liability insurance that is documented. This will make the application process smoother. Liability coverage will protect your workers in case of injury and cover your equipment in case of damage. Also, if your work causes bodily injury or property damage after you’re finished, your business will be protected against future litigation. You should carry between $500,000 and $1 million in liability coverage.

Safety Equipment

Most projects involve working off the ground at some point. Consider renting a manlift, forklift, boom lift, or scissor lift to get your people and materials up in the air safely. Don’t cut corners, and use the right tools.

Before starting a building project in Surprise, be sure to get the right permits, licenses, and insurance. Take your time, follow all the rules and regulations, and be safe.

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