Construction Equipment Rental in Glendale, CA

About Construction Projects in Glendale, CA

As a contractor, you know that building, altering, and demolishing homes all take serious skill. In Glendale, California, however, they require much more. To do construction in this California city, you need the right permits, inspections, and insurance. Make sure you have the right paperwork and equipment before you break ground.

Building Permits

Like most California cities and towns, Glendale requires permits before you can start a construction project. If you aren’t sure whether your job needs a permit, you can always call the Glendale Permit Services Center. However, most types of construction, remodel, and demolition projects need permits:

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Remodel
  • Re-roofing
  • Sign installation
  • Solar energy installation
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Window replacement

To apply for a permit, download the right form from the city’s website and send it in with an accurate plan. Remember to keep your permit active during the whole project. If you miss a deadline, contact the city for an extension. Working without a permit or letting one lapse can be expensive.

Building Inspections

All of the above projects require inspections at certain times. Use the city’s online portal to schedule an inspection. Keep in mind that you can request a next-day inspection if you submit your application by 3 p.m. However, you should plan just in case, so you don’t miss a deadline. Take care to request the right kind of inspection:

  • Building: drywall, framing, and masonry
  • Plumbing: water heaters, re-piping, and sewer work
  • HVAC: ductwork, exhaust vents, and refrigeration
  • Electrical: conduits, swimming pools, and signs

Contractor Licenses

In Glendale, you can’t work as a contractor without a license. First, apply through California’s Contractors State License Board. Then get your city business license in Glendale, keep it active, and pay the license fee every year. Remember that California law requires you to use your contractor license number on all bids and your business card. This helps potential customers review your past work before deciding to hire you.

Contractor Coverage

Accidents can happen, even when your team is doing its best. That’s the main reason you need to have coverage for both people and property. If you don’t, you could end up paying out of pocket for property damage or a medical emergency.

The state of California doesn’t require a certain amount of insurance. However, you should always have a general liability insurance policy. This will give both you and your customers peace of mind, and it will cover you in the case of an accident.

California law does require contractors to be bonded. You must have a contractor license bond of $15,000 to work in the state.

Construction Equipment Rental in Glendale, California

Before you start a big job, you need to assess what equipment you need. Forklifts are ideal for moving supplies and parts around, while boom lifts, scissor lifts, and man lifts give you the height you need for most jobs. Rent the equipment you need to keep your budget in line without skimping on quality.

Don’t break ground without any of these essentials. From licenses to permits to lifts, keep this list in mind as you plan for your next project.

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