Construction Equipment Rental in Norwalk, CA

About Construction Projects in Norwalk, CA

Norwalk, California is a suburb of Los Angeles with over 107,000 people living there. If you’re working as a contractor in Norwalk, you have to follow the city rules. These rules make sure that buildings and renovations are safe.

Building Permits

Contractors working in Norwalk need permits for most jobs. All new buildings need permits. You also need a permit for:

  • Fences over 7 feet high
  • Replacement of pipes or wires
  • Retaining walls over 4 feet high
  • Major renovations
  • Demolition

The state of California has strict rules around building codes. They are split into five main titles.

  • Title 8: elevators, escalators, stairway chairlifts, and dumbwaiters
  • Title 19: fire and panic safety systems, awnings, and tents
  • Title 21: gas shut-off valves, public schools and hospitals, and handicapped access to public buildings
  • Title 24: building occupancy and related features/equipment
    • This title is split into 12 parts with different codes. These include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, energy, fire, green building, existing buildings, and historical buildings.
  • Title 25: housing acts

You can get a permit from the Building and Safety Division. Permits are available Monday through Thursday during business hours, and also every other Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. Permits are only issued to licensed contractors. The Division will also look at plans for contractors. When looking at plans, they make sure the plans meet current building codes. Include two weeks in your project schedule for a plan check.

Building Inspections

After you get a permit, you need to schedule an inspection with the Building and Safety Division. You can schedule an inspection on the Building and Safety Division website. Inspections are done Monday through Thursday during business hours. During the inspection, the inspector needs to see all of the main systems to make sure they are built to code. These systems include gas, mechanical, electrical, and fire safety. Don’t close any walls or make the systems inaccessible before the inspection.

Contractor Licenses

A contractor applying for a license in Norwalk needs:

  • Proof of insurance
  • A business license
  • Proof of experience and skills (at least four years)

You also need to pass the state law and business exams. A general contractor gets a Class B license. There are two other kinds of licenses. Class A is for engineers. Class C is for specialty contractors.

Contractor Liability Coverage

All contractors working in Norwalk need insurance. This insurance protects the job site and equipment. The minimum coverage is $1 million aggregate for companies with five or fewer employees. If your company has more than five employees, you need $100,000 extra for each person. You also need workers’ compensation insurance.

Construction Equipment Rental in Norwalk, California

Instead of buying equipment, think about renting it in Norwalk. You can rent all types, including aerial equipment. Renting helps your company save a lot of money by reducing overhead. Some of the most common pieces of equipment include forklifts, manlifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. This equipment helps your company work on taller jobs and take on more tasks.

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