Construction Equipment Rental in Victorville, CA

About Construction Projects in Victorville, CA

To work on construction projects, all cities have a list of rules and regulations contractors must follow. Victorville, California, is no exception.

Before you start work in Victorville, get the right permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses lined up. Find out where to pick up these papers and when you need them during your construction job.

Building Permits

The City of Victorville makes contractors follow a list of rules when working on construction projects. These rules keep properties and people safe.

One of the rules includes getting building permits. You need one when adding a deck, hooking up a sewer, and installing a swimming pool. There’s a long list of home improvements that need permits.

Look through the list of permits and find out which ones you need. Fees depend on the type and size of the construction project. Fees can be different depending on whether the project is a commercial or residential one. The Development Department determines the fees.

Permits expire six months after the last inspection. Contact the Building Division if you need an extension.

Building Inspections

Before your construction project officially ends, you need to schedule a building inspection. These inspections ensure that you followed the rules and codes. The Development Department handles inspections. Use the department’s touchtone permits hotline to schedule an inspection.

You may also need inspections done during the building process. Retaining walls, roofing projects, and gas or electric meter upgrades all need several inspections. Inspection fees also depend on the project’s size and type. Once you pass the last inspection, you receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Contractor Licenses

Contractors who work in Victorville must have licenses. This means they have been trained to manage construction projects done within city limits. The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) provides licenses. To sit for the CSLB exam, you need four years of experience. The CSLB also has trade licenses. You must renew your license every two years.

If your business address is within the city limits, you need a business license. The start-up fee is $226.32. You must renew the license every year. Renewals cost $79.60.

Contractor Liability Coverage

The City of Victorville wants contractors to have liability coverage or bonds. These insurance policies cover the property and contractor if there is an accident. The state makes you have $12,500 individual bond and $15,000 contractors bond.

To work in California, you need liability coverage as well as workers’ compensation. If you don’t have it and get caught, you face one year in jail and heavy fines.

Construction Equipment Rental in Victorville, California

To get the job done right, you need proper gear. Sometimes you have to rent equipment if you don’t already own it. To reach high points, rent types of aerial equipment, such as:

Never start a construction project in Victorville without the right papers. Not having permits, inspections, insurance, and licenses can cost you time and money. Get all the paperwork together before you start your project. That way you can give your clients quality work and not worry about missing papers.

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