Construction Equipment Rental in Visalia, CA

About Construction Projects in Visalia, CA

To work on construction projects in Visalia, California, you need to follow a list of rules. This includes having proper papers and knowing when and where to get them.

Find out how to get permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses. You need these if you’re working on a small or large project within the city limits. General contractors, HVAC techs, and plumbers should know the city’s rules.

Building Permits

The City of Visalia asks all contractors to pay attention to laws. These standards make sure properties and people are safe. These permits also give you permission to start construction. Additions and remodels, and new construction all need building permits. You need a permit for almost any type of improvement project you want to do.

Only property owners or licensed contractors can get permits. Building permits are found at the Building Safety Division. This division makes sure you follow state and local building codes. You must give the office your building plans when applying.

Look through the list of permits to find the ones you need. Fees depend on the type and size of your project. If your project is in the Historic Preservation District, you need approval from the Planning Division. Other types of permits available include:

  • Electrical
  • General
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing

Building Inspections

Before ending a construction project, you must have a building inspection. You can ask for an inspection through the Building Safety Division. The office has a 24-hour request phone line. You can also schedule an inspection online. The office takes requests for morning or afternoon inspections. It cannot guarantee inspection times, however.

Contractor Licenses

Visalia wants only trained contractors managing building projects done in the city. That’s why you need to have a license.

To work in the city, contractors need a valid City of Visalia Business Tax Certificate. The fee is $26.50. You also must have a valid contractor license to work in California. The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) gives licenses.

You need four years of experience to sit for the CSLB exam. The exam has a written law and trade section. You can also get trade licenses. Renew your license every two years.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Along with licenses, you must have insurance or bonds. These protect the properties and contractors in case of accidents. The state makes you have a $15,000 contractors bond or $12,500 individual bond.

Before you can get a building permit in Visalia, you need to prove you have insurance coverage. You must also have general and auto liability coverage as well as workers’ compensation coverage. If you don’t have employees, you don’t need workers’ compensation insurance.

Construction Equipment Rental in Visalia, California

Contractors always need the right equipment for the job. Sometimes you need to rent gear to reach high spots. Examples of gear you can rent include:

Never start a construction project in Visalia without the right paperwork. This includes permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses. Get all your papers together right away. That way you can focus on your project and not worry about missing papers.

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