Construction Equipment Rental in Greeley, CO

About Construction Projects in Greeley, CO

Building companies in Greeley know that permits, building codes, and inspections all apply when getting the job done. If you’re a general contractor, electrician, or plumber, explore this overview of the right methods to follow for building jobs in Greeley, Colorado.

Building Permits in Greeley, Colorado

You need a building permit for the following:

  • building new houses
  • adding to, making changes to, or fixing a standing property
  • moving or taking down structures
  • knocking down buildings

Apply for permits at Greeley’s Department of Planning Services. Make sure to include the building plans when you apply for the following:

  • Commercial Permit 
  • Manufactured Housing Permit 
  • Mobile Home Permit  
  • Residential Multi-Family Permit 
  • Residential Permit 
  • Short Form Building Permit 
  • Site Certification

Fees range from $23 for jobs valued up to $500 and greater than $5,608 for jobs of $1 million or more. Extra fees get charged for reinspection, reviewing changes to plans, or for inspections after hours. 

Building Inspections in Greeley, Colorado

Builders should ask for the right inspections at certain times during the job. If you don’t ask for a final inspection by the time your building permit expires, you’ll be violating building code compliance. To avoid this violation, ask for an extension to the permit if you need more time to finish the job. To ask for inspections, call the 24-hour inspection hotline at 970-400-3015.

Electricians must have all electrical inspection done before electrical points in the building get covered or sealed. If not, the inspector may report you to the Colorado State Electrical Board. If the inspector is not happy with work, you’ll be asked for certain changes. You must fix all the problems before doing more work or finishing the job.

Licenses and Liability Coverage in Greeley, Colorado

The State of Colorado doesn’t license general contractors. However, electricians and plumbers need a license to work in the state. General Contractors in Greeley become certified through the International Code Council (ICC) exams. ICC exams cover the building code requirements of all types of construction work.

The State of Colorado doesn’t force contractors to carry general liability insurance. However, you should have insurance coverage in place. This insurance will prevent legal battles if anything goes wrong on a job.

General Information for Professionals in Greeley, Colorado

Call 811 Before You Dig

When digging begins, you don’t want to hit water pipes or power lines. Your workers could be hurt, and you could face extra costs to fix the damages. To find buried pipes and lines, call 811. This free service will contact the utility company to mark underground lines. 

Renting Construction Equipment

You can rent different types of construction and material handling equipment such as boom lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and manlifts. Rough-terrain forklifts work well to move large and heavy material around a construction site. Boom lifts come with a long articulated boom to raise workers to reach high areas around a building.

If you’re working in Greeley, don’t start a building project without the right permits, inspections, insurance, and licenses. Hire an expert contractor to help you. 

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