Construction Equipment Rental in Westminster, CO

About Construction Projects in Westminster, CO

Before you can do construction in Westminster, Colorado, you need a permit and approval from the city. Making big changes to a home might need a permit, too. Doing any new construction needs approval on the plan and design first. After you get approval from the City of Westminster, you can apply for a permit.

Building Permits

You will need to turn in a copy of the plans and location before you apply for a permit. You can turn those items into the Westminster Planning Division. After getting approval, the next step is turning in an application for a building permit. You will get the permit from the Westminster Building Division. Projects that need permits include:

  • Enlarging the size of a building
  • Altering a building
  • Constructing a new building
  • Improving a building
  • Removing a building
  • Converting a building
  • Erecting a building
  • Repairing a building
  • Moving a building
  • Demolishing a building

Based on these requirements, most construction projects need permits in Westminster. Waiting for approval on a permit takes about 15-30 days.

Building Inspections

The Westminster Building Division has a website to schedule an inspection online. Most inspections are done on the next business day after you schedule online. There are more requests for roofing inspections so these can take a few days. The inspector will bring a ladder for the roof inspection. Inspectors need to look at some of the systems before you close up the walls. Make sure to schedule the inspection early so they can see the pipes, gas lines, and other important mechanical systems.

Contractor Licenses

Westminster also gives licenses to contractors working in the city. To get a contractor license, you need to fill out the application. The city gives general building, plumbing, electrical, and public way contractor licenses. The fee for a general contractor license application is $110. Plumbing contractors need to show proof of state master and contractor licenses issued by the state of Colorado.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Contractors working in Colorado need insurance coverage to protect their workers on the job. The insurance also protects the property owner and contractor. The state requires that all contractors hold at least $150,000 of coverage per person on the job. General contractors must also have $600,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. Commercial contractors have higher insurance limits. They must have a policy with an annual aggregate of at least $1,000,000.

Construction Rental Equipment in Westminster, Colorado

Once you have approval and a permit, construction can start. If you don’t have everything you need, you can rent tools and equipment. Renting these things can help your company save money since you don’t have to buy or maintain them. You might need aerial equipment for big construction projects. Options include boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts.

With the right tools and permits, contractors can do construction in Westminster. If you are planning a big renovation or new construction job, make sure to get an inspection and a permit.

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