Construction Equipment Rental in Hartford, CT

About Construction Projects in Hartford, CT

Before you start your construction project in Hartford, Connecticut, make sure you know the city’s rules. Find out what permits, licenses, insurance, and inspections you’ll need. Whether your project is large or small, this step is necessary. Hartford requires permits for projects like decks, sheds, swimming pools, and most other improvements and renovations.

Building Permits

The city of Hartford has strict rules about getting permits for construction projects. These rules protect homeowners and ensure that contractors work safely and do a good job. The following types of construction projects require a permit in Hartford:

  • Decks: Deck construction, repairs, and improvements require a permit. In most cases, you’ll need to submit drawings.
  • Roofs: All roofing work requires a permit. For shingle repairs, the city will need information on the shingle weight.
  • Windows:┬áTo issue you a permit for window projects, the city needs information about the windows you’re using. You’ll also have to meet egress requirements for bedroom windows.
  • Doors: Door projects require permits. For entry doors, you need to use doors rated for exterior projects and submit drawings.
  • New Construction: New construction permits require a full set of drawings. These need to show information about the site, architecture, and plumbing, as well as electrical and mechanical details. The city needs these drawings to ensure everything is up to code.
  • Sheds: Pre-manufactured sheds and sheds built entirely on-site will need permits. Sheds must be at least three feet away from property lines.
  • Renovations: Renovation projects require a permit. The city will need to approve your drawings.
  • Swimming Pools: The City of Hartford needs to approve your drawings before issuing you a permit for swimming pool installation.

Building Inspections

The city of Hartford has high standards for construction projects. You will need to arrange inspections to make sure your project meets current building codes. Any work completed in Hartford needs to meet certain safety and quality standards. That means you’ll need to get an inspector to sign off on your work.

Contractor Licenses

Licensing requirements help make sure that contractors do good work. This protects consumers and creates high, uniform standards for professional trades.

In Hartford, the following kinds of contractors need licenses to work on projects:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Glass Repair and Installation
  • Heating, Piping, and Cooling
  • New Home Building
  • Home Improvement

Contractor Liability Coverage

Under Connecticut law, all contractors must carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Contractors may also want to invest in equipment, commercial auto, builder’s risk, and umbrella insurance policies.

Construction Equipment Rental in Hartford, Connecticut

When working on your construction project in Hartford, you’ll need the right equipment to get the work done. You may find that you need aerial equipment like boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, or manlifts. If you don’t already own the lifts you need, renting them can be a great option.

If you plan to work on a building project in Hartford, Connecticut, you need to comply with city and state laws. Make sure you have all the right permits, licenses, insurance, and inspections you need.

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