Construction Equipment Rental in Augusta, GA

About Construction Projects in Augusta, GA

With more of the current generation moving in, Augusta is a city on the rise. As the demands of everyday life grow, there are many opportunities for new building projects in the city.

Building Permits

Augusta requires anyone building new residential and commercial structures to obtain building permits.

Application forms are available from the August, Georgia website. They should be submitted in person at the city’s Planning and Development Department Office, at 1815 Marvin Griffin Road.

For residential structures, you should also submit:

  • A plot plan
  • A picture of the lot
  • The applicable section of the Development Plan
  • A net operating income for each lot or the whole project
  • An approved 3 Phase E&S plan, for multiple lots
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System fees, if applicable
  • Two sets of building plans
  • HVAC duct size and layout

For commercial buildings, submit the following with your application form:

  • Three sets of plans
  • Special inspections forms completed by an architect
  • An approved civil site plan
  • Approval from Planning and Zoning, if in a flood plain
  • Approval from the Historic Preservation Committee, if in a historic district
  • A code analysis

Also, for commercial applications, send three copies of fire sprinkler, and fire alarm plans to Lt. Jason Beard at the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department.

Be sure you have all documents needed. Incomplete applications will face delays.

Building Licenses

To build in Augusta, you need a building license from the State of Georgia. The state offers three different licenses:

  • Residential – Basic Contractor
  • Residential – Light Commercial Contractor
  • General Contractor

To get a builder’s license, you must be:

  • Pre-approved by the state
  • A contractor who’s worked for at least two years
  • Responsible for at least two projects in the past two years
  • At least 21 years of age

Also, you must:

  • Pass the Georgia Business and Law exam
  • Pass the relevant Construction exam
  • Pass background and credit checks
  • Hold proof of liability insurance 
  • Keep a workman’s compensation policy

The Georgia Secretary of State manages and issues all building licenses. Call this department at (478) 207-2440 to apply. Each builder’s license costs $200 and is nonrefundable.

You’ll need to complete three hours of education every year to keep your building license.

Best Equipment to Use in Augusta, Georgia

You must think about Augusta’s soil when starting new building projects in the city. It has loamy alluvial sediments. Drainage is poor, which can make building difficult after heavy rain.

For example, forklifts won’t work when the ground is slippery. You might need to find an alternative lifting machine after it has rained. Diesel and electric boom lifts also struggle after heavy rain. When the ground is muddy, you’ll need a boom lift with an elevated working platform and a crawler undercarriage or four-wheel drive.

Also, assess how smooth your site is. Some Augustus land needs rough terrain scissor lifts and manlifts. Flatter sites will suit standard equipment.

While the millennial boom offers plenty of opportunities, it’s vital that you do your research first, and make sure you have the right paperwork and rental equipment before starting your next project in Augusta.

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