Construction Equipment Rental in Springfield, IL

About Construction Projects in Springfield, IL

Are you planning a project in Springfield, Illinois? This city is the capital of Illinois. It also has more than 116,000 residents. You will have many options if you want to build here. You need to know and follow the city’s rules, though. Here’s a guide on building in Springfield.


The Building Safety Inspection agency is in charge of all Springfield builds. You’ll need to talk to them to make sure that your project is legal. The city will require you to have a building permit.

You can download the application online. The document will ask for details about your project. You must explain the scope of the work. You also have to describe the purpose of the building.

The cost of the permit is at least $50 for new construction. A remodel on a current building costs $30 to start. You will pay more depending on the size of the build. The cost is 42 cents multiplied by the livable square footage.


The contractor in charge of the build needs a license. Without a licensed contractor, the city won’t let you break ground.

You can select one or more of your workers to get a license in the city. Each one must pay a fee and take a test to prove skill.

To save time and money, you should hire a contractor in Springfield. This person will already have the needed license plus existing relationships within the city.


An inspector from Building Safety Inspection will check on your project. This person wants to make sure that your work meets all city standards and codes.

You must have space for this inspection. The city reserves the right to make you temporarily move part of your move. When needed, this step gives the inspector a better view of your work.

Rental Equipment

Every major build needs some heavy equipment. You will have large objects to lift. You will also sometimes need to work above ground level.

Machinery such as boom lifts, man lifts, forklifts, and scissor lifts help with these tasks. The equipment isn’t cheap to move, though. Your best choice is to rent these items. You will save your company the trouble of moving large machinery from project to project.


You need liability insurance to work in Springfield. Your project could hurt the property of neighbors. It could even cause bodily harm to them. You need insurance to protect the victim and your business.

You also need insurance for your workers. One of them could suffer injury on the job. If that happens, the person has several needs. You must have insurance to pay for their medical bills and any work time missed due to injury. You also need worker’s comp for future missed work.

Insurers know about these needs. They will offer you a package that covers everything here. You will pay more on your monthly premiums. In exchange, your workers will feel more confident working on the project.

Springfield is always a great place to build. You must follow all the rules and laws listed here, though. As long as you do, you’ll have a good chance at a successful project!

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