Construction Equipment Rental in Lexington, KY

About Construction Projects in Lexington, KY

As the second-largest city in Kentucky, Lexington plays an important role in the state’s economy. Contractors who know Lexington’s regulations are in a great spot to secure new jobs for their companies.

Building Permits

Make sure you are following regulations before new residential construction projects begin. These projects require you to get a permit and have a complete review of your plans. You should have the complete review and permit before you start construction.

You must schedule all on-site inspections. A new construction staff inspector will review your project at no cost.A few procedures must take place before anyone can occupy the building. You must get a final inspection, approval, and a Certificate of Occupancy.

Be sure to have all required documents before your plan review:

  • Dimensioned site plan
  • Elevations of proposed structure: front, side, and rear
  • Floor elevation call out on-site plan
  • Floor plan (rooms must be identified and dimensioned)
  • Foundational plan
  • Framing details
  • LFUCG Division of Engineering approval for erosion control measures and site drainage
  • Proper wall section

Keep in mind a few more details. The dimensioned site plan must show the structure on the lot. Diagram any crawl spaces or poured walls on the foundational plan. Framing details include any applicable knee walls, truss layout, or joist and rafter layouts. Finally, the floor elevation callout should be relative to the closest downstream manhole.

You should create plans on paper that is not smaller than 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Draw plans to scale or make sure they are properly dimensioned.

Finally, submit your plans for review. Alternately, you can have them reviewed upon request on a first-come, first-served basis. The city’s Building Inspection office is at 101 E. Vine St. You can also reach this office at 859-258-3770. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Necessary Building Permits for Commercial Construction

Lexington’s Building Inspection office deals with commercial buildings, too. Staff will issue you a permit once you give this office the proper construction plans and documents for review.

You need a building permit for the following commercial projects:

  • Change of use
  • Canopies
  • Commercial Fences
  • Remodeling
  • Commercial towers and satellite dish installation
  • New commercial building or addition
  • New paving
  • Retaining walls (if they’re 2 feet tall or higher)
  • Tanks for storage of any gases or liquids

Liability Coverage

Kentucky does not require businesses to have commercial liability insurance. However, if you are in a high-risk business such as the building trades, liability coverage is important. The state is a pure comparative negligence fault state. Plaintiffs in legal disputes can recover in most cases. You won’t find personal injury caps in the state either.

By Kentucky law, if you have one or more employees, you must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This rule applies to full- and part-time employees. The state also requires any driver to have automobile insurance. If you have to drive to get to your project site, it is a good idea to have a commercial vehicle policy.

Best Equipment to Use

The soil in Lexington can vary greatly. A contractor should know about the right aerial tools for all situations on the job. As a contractor in Lexington, you can rent tools such as manlifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts. The right equipment coupled with knowledge of permitting rules shows potential clients that your business matches their needs.

Understanding Lexington’s rules for different construction projects can allow you to be successful with your next building project.

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