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About Construction Projects in Maine

Browse our Maine heavy equipment rental locations by city. BigRentz offers a wide variety of heavy equipment for rent in Maine, including earth moving machines, aerial lifts, forklifts, compaction equipment, and job site services.

As the most Northeastern state in the United States, Maine is known for its jagged, rocky coastline, its forested interior, picturesque waterways, and low rolling mountains. Portland is the state’s most populous city with over 65,000 people. Just like any other state, you have to get the right permits and licenses before you build. It is also a good idea to research the soil types in the area, so you know which kind of construction equipment you need. Take a look at this guide to learn more about some key factors of building in Maine.

Building Permits Required

If you plan on doing construction in Maine, you are going to need a building permit. You will need one for new structures or remodeling, and in many cases, you will need a permit for a fence, retaining wall, deck, pool, garage, or shed. You have to apply and get your permit before you can start construction.

Most work needs a permit, but in some cases, you can work without one. For example, painting, tiling, and carpeting do not need permits. Electrical and plumbing repairs do not usually need one either.

You apply for your permit at the city building division in your local city, and you need to provide some information. It differs based on the city, but you will have to provide some basic information along with detailed drawings of the proposed work. Once you apply for your permit, you pay the fee, and you are on your way to building in Maine.

Contractor License

In the State of Maine, you do not need a general contractors license to do construction work. You do need a license if you plan on doing asbestos abatement work, electrical, or plumbing. All of these licenses have various fees and requirements depending on what type of work you plan on doing.

Soil Types

The soil in main was greatly influenced by thick glacial movement 12,000 years ago. The glacier scraped bedrock and soil from some areas and deposited it far away in other areas. This has created a stony, dense glacial till, sandy deltas, silt, and clay. You need to know what kind of soil you are working with before you break ground. The type of soil could change the type of equipment you need to use.

Types of Construction Equipment in ME

Many different factors decide what type of construction equipment you need for your project. The main factor is the type of project but the second biggest factor is the soil type. From excavators to wheel loaders to skid steer loaders to backhoes to rollers, if you are building, you have to know which heavy equipment is best for your project. You should also look into aerial equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers, and forklifts.

Whatever you need for your project, BigRentz can help you out. Call us today to find out more.

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