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About Construction Projects in Tupelo, MS

The Seventh biggest city in the state, Tupelo is a small town in Northeastern Mississippi with room for growth. Tupelo has cheap land which makes it a wonderful spot for your next project. Just like any other city, there are a few things that you need to do during the construction process. You must get certain permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance before you begin. Take a look at our guide to building in Tupelo.

Building Permits

There are a few different types of permits in Tupelo, and you need to get all of the ones that apply to your project. The requirements for commercial plans are different than the requirements for other construction plans.

For commercial plans, there is a checklist of things you have to submit and what has to be shown in the plans. The general requirements are two sets of drawings in digital pdf format and other basic information. On the plans, you need to show things like specific measurements of rooms, the number of windows, and parking lot dimensions.

For residential projects, you don’t need the same information as you do for commercial projects. On the Construction Permit Application, you need to clarify the project description, size, and valuation. The valuation of the project determines the permit fees. If a project is valued very high, the permit fees will be high as well.

Building Inspections

Once you have all of the necessary permits, you can start to build. Before you finish and get your Certificate of Occupancy, you do need to have your building inspected. To schedule an inspection, contact the Fire Department at 662-841-6439. After they inspect your building, you will be approved or denied. If you are approved, the Planning Department will issue you a Certificate of Occupancy.

Contractor License

Before you can obtain a building permit and begin construction, you need to get a contractor’s license. Contractor’s licenses allow you to perform contracting work legally. In Tupelo, you need to have passed a Master Contractor Exam to be eligible for a license. There is also some basic information that you need to provide the city with when you apply. You can find a City of Tupelo Contractor’s Application online on the city’s website.

Contractor Liability Insurance

Another important part of being a contractor is getting the right insurance. General Liability Insurance is great for mitigating risk because it protects you from being personally liable for any damage that your company causes. Contact a local insurance provider for more information on insurance for contractors. They will have specific plans that fit your needs.

Construction Equipment in Tupelo, Mississippi

Most contractors need to use construction equipment to finish their jobs. Often, buying this equipment is very expensive. Renting is an ideal, cheaper alternative that allows you to save money. BigRentz has a great range of equipment for you to use for your next project. Take a look at our selection and give us a call today!

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