Construction Equipment Rental in Springfield, MO

About Construction Projects in Springfield, MO

Do you want to build in Missouri? You should think about a project in Springfield. The city has more than 167,000 residents. It’s also part of a suburban area of more than 540,000. To build here, you need to know the local laws, though. Here’s a guide on building rules in Springfield.


You will need a city permit to do most construction jobs in Springfield. Even if someone hires you to remodel a home, you still need one. You also must have a permit to do demolition.

The permit will stay valid for six months. You can extend its length by getting an inspection every six months.

Your permit application must show site plans. You must include parking, utilities, and sewage details in this plan.

The cost of the permit depends on the size of the project. You can get an exact quote by contacting Springfield’s Department of Building Development Services. You can call this office at 417-864-1059.

If you’re building in the unincorporated part of the area, you must contact the Greene County Resource Management Department instead. You can speak to a worker here at 417-868-4015.

Note that the city and county have different building rules. Make sure that you speak with the correct party before moving forward with your build.


At least one of your contractors at the job site must have a license to work in Springfield. You must pay to train the worker. The person must pass a test to earn a license. The test isn’t free to take.

To save time and money, you may want to hire a local contractor. This worker should already have a license to practice in Springfield.

If you choose this method, pick a worker who has an existing relationship with the city and county building departments. It will help your build go better.


A Springfield worker will make sure that your work is up to code. This person will pay special attention to your electrical and plumbing work. These areas are the most likely causes of failed inspections.

A failure could cause the delay or suspension of a build. You should work with the inspector to make sure that your project follows all applicable rules and laws.

Rental Equipment in Springfield, Missouri

You won’t always work on the ground. Some of your project will happen on the second floor or higher. You will need to reach this area easily. You also have to lift and move heavy objects.

The best way to do these things is with heavy machinery. Equipment like manlifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts lift people and objects alike.

The problem with using these items is that they’re expensive to support. You have to pay the cost of transporting them between job sites. Then, you have to pay to store them when they’re not in use.

The best choice is to rent this equipment. By renting, you won’t have to pay for the items when you’re not using them.


You should want to build in Missouri. You will have 540,000 potential customers there. As long as you follow all the rules and suggestions above, you should have a great build, too!

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