Construction Equipment Rental in Manchester, NH

About Construction Projects in Manchester, NH

When you’re getting ready to do a construction job in Manchester, New Hampshire, there is specific information you need. As a contractor, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. Licenses, inspections, permits, and insurance are required.

Building Permits

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire has a permit process for construction projects. Most construction projects require a permit. Permits help make sure that work gets done properly.

Fees vary depending on the type of project. You need a permit in Manchester anytime you demolish, construct, reconstruct, convert, or alter a structure. Plumbing, electrical work, and some other kinds of projects require permits as well. You also need a permit for these kinds of jobs:

  • Window replacement
  • Siding installation or replacement
  • Deck construction or replacement
  • Paving
  • Fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Roofing
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Porch construction or replacement
  • HVAC work
  • Shed construction

The normal processing time for permit applications is three to five business days. Once you have gotten your permit, the work must begin within six months. You have one year to complete the job. Permit fees vary depending on the type of project you’re doing. There is a minimum fee of $55.

Building Inspections

Building inspections are required for construction jobs in Manchester, New Hampshire. Depending on the kind of job you’re doing, you may need to schedule several inspections during the process. Make sure you know when you need an inspection. Try to time your inspections correctly so you don’t have to stop work for days while you wait for the inspector. These kinds of delays can add up quickly. If you miss an inspection, you might have to go back and redo some of your work.

Contractor Licenses

A license is not required for most kinds of construction jobs in Manchester, New Hampshire. These are the only contractors that need to be licensed to do construction work in Manchester:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Contractor Liability Insurance

Contractors working in Manchester, New Hampshire are not required to carry liability insurance. As a contractor, you can protect yourself and your business by having a liability insurance policy.

Contractors in Manchester, New Hampshire do need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Sole proprietors without employees don’t need a workers’ compensation policy.

Construction Rental Equipment in Manchester, New Hampshire

As a contractor in Manchester, New Hampshire, you might need to use aerial equipment. Aerial equipment can help you get the work done efficiently.¬†It can also help get things done more efficiently. It’s usually more cost-effective for contractors to rent expensive aerial equipment instead of purchasing it. You can rent these kinds of aerial equipment in Manchester, New Hampshire:

As a contractor in Manchester, New Hampshire, you need to understand the city’s red tape. Licenses, permits, inspections, and insurance are necessary. Make sure you know about the rules and regulations for the job you’re doing. If you miss one of the required steps, you could face setbacks like delays and fines.

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