Construction Equipment Rental in New York, NY

About Construction Projects in New York, NY

New York’s five boroughs offer many examples of the city’s long building history. You can continue the tradition as a New York builder. Or you can be a home improvement contractor. Either way, getting the right permits and licenses will help your company succeed.

Getting Permission in NYC

Most New York City construction and renovation projects require a Department of Buildings permit. You must get the permit before starting work. Failing to get the right permits can result in delays completing work.

A New York Registered Architect (RA) or Professional Engineer (PE) creates plans and files a permit application with the city. Contractors and subcontractors are then hired to work on the project. A department plan examiner reviews the proposal and looks at zoning or legal objections to the project. The length of time required to complete this depends upon the project.

Work Permits

Once your building plans pass review, you must file for work permits. You need them before your crew starts the job. Separate permits are required for elevator work, installing boilers, and other specialties. Four types of permits make up the bulk of NYC applications. They are:

  • ALT3 – Minor work that doesn’t impact occupancy, egress, or use of the property.
  • ALT2 – More than one type of work, without changes to occupancy, egress, or use.
  • ALT1 – Extensive alterations that may change occupancy, egress or use.
  • NB – New construction.

The type of project you are hired to complete determines which city permit is required. Minor repairs do not call for a permit. A Department of Buildings borough office manager can explain which work needs permits. Call your local office.

The NYC Department of Buildings has guidelines for building and remodeling in the city. You can look at them online. They include building expectations for contractors. New York also provides a checklist for each type of construction project. You can use it as a guide for building and remodeling in New York.

Licensing and Registration

Anyone doing business as a building contractor in New York City must have a Department of Consumer Affairs Home Improvement Contractor’s License. Also, your company may need to complete a General Contractor Registration Form. You may also need to:

  • Provide a tax identification number.
  • Prove your home and business address.
  • Pass a home improvement exam.
  • Furnish workers’ compensation insurance information.
  • Pay a license fee.
  • Share employee information.


Getting a license in the state of New York requires DCA Trust Fund Enrollment or posting a surety bond. These guarantees provide financial protection when legal issues arise with a contractor. Licensed contractors must also have a $1,000,000 general liability policy. Some jobs call for extra insurance.

Best Equipment For the Job

Forklifts, manlifts, and scissor lifts are in high demand in New York. Plan to rent the machines you need. And work with apartment building owners to coordinate the delivery of scaffolding, boom lifts, and other equipment.

Local Department of Buildings borough offices is ready to answer questions about your New York City building project.

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