Construction Equipment Rental in Charlotte, NC

About Construction Projects in Charlotte, NC

There are strict rules in force for construction in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rules exist because it’s vital to make sure construction work is safe, high-quality, and ethical. It is a good idea to find out what rules apply before taking on a construction project in Charlotte. Find out all the details below on permits, licenses, and more.

Building Permits

Getting a building permit is a vital step before working on a commercial site in Charlotte. You need a permit for some tasks, such as:

  • Demolition
  • New construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Installation, extension, alteration, or general repair of electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems
  • Building, electrical, heating, and plumbing work

You don’t need a permit for most work costing under $5,000, but there are some exceptions. A detailed fee schedule outlines permit costs in Charlotte. The fee you pay depends on the total construction value.

Building Inspections

You need a building inspection before the end of a project. The inspection checks that work carried out matches the details in the project plan. The inspector also checks that everything complies with North Carolina’s building code. You get the details of your inspection when you receive a permit. The cost in Charlotte varies depending on the site.

You can download a fee schedule online. The base cost is $115 per hour.

Contractor Licenses

All contractors need a license to work on a site in Charlotte. It is against the law to work without a Certificate of Competency. This document shows you have the right training to do your job. When you apply you need to include the following:

  • Documents that show your experience
  • Current photo ID
  • A credit report
  • Certificate of insurance
  • The license fee ($50-$200)

The number of documents that are required makes this a tough task to do by yourself. It is not worth the time and effort unless this is your career.

Contractor Liability Coverage

All contractors need a minimum level of liability coverage. This type of insurance protects against the risk of an accident and resulting damage to property or people. The minimum limits that apply are:

Bodily injury: $300,000

Property damage: $50,000

Combined single liability: $300,000

Make sure you have insurance with these limits. You might lose a lot of money if something goes wrong without insurance.

Equipment Rental in Charlotte, North Carolina

Using the right equipment on sites is important. There are many benefits to renting site equipment, in particular:

  • You avoid the high initial cost
  • No depreciation costs
  • You can rent for specific projects
  • There are no transportation or storage issues

It’s wise to rent equipment such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts.

If you are in Charlotte, never begin any construction project without the right licenses, insurance, and permits. Doing it all on your own is stressful. The easiest answer is to call a company that does everything for you. Expert companies already have all the needed paperwork and permits.

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