Construction Equipment Rental in Cleveland, OH

About Construction Projects in Cleveland, OH

Red tape is a part of owning your own construction business. If you’re considering a job in Cleveland, Ohio, here’s some information on what permits and other requirements you’ll need, whether you’re a general contractor, specialty contractor, or construction business owner.

Building Permits

In Cleveland, you’ll need a permit to complete the following types of construction:

  • Building new construction
  • Moving
  • Repairing or replacing
  • Removing or taking down
  • Adding on
  • Installing plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration or electrical systems

A link to the building permit application is on the Cleveland city website. You need to fill this out and submit it with two sets of plans. The cost of permits varies depending on the work you’re doing, starting at $20 for small repairs and $50 for sheds and fences, and ranging up to $150 or more for additions and new construction.

You’ll need a different permit for each trade-related task. For example, you’ll need one permit to change electrical and another one for plumbing. If you have any questions about what permits you need, contact the Department of Building & Housing. You can call the office or send an email.

Building Inspections

To schedule an inspection, call the office at the phone number listed on the building permit. You need an inspection for the following:

  • After foundation excavation but before pouring the concrete
  • After rough-in but before concealing the work
  • After you complete all the work

If the inspector finds a violation, he or she will issue a violation notice and give you a specific period to correct the problem.

Contractor Licenses

The city requires general contractors to have a license and bond to work in Cleveland. To get a license, contractors need to fill out an application. You’ll need to include forms with the application showing you’re bonded and insured. Specialty contractors also need to be licensed, including plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians. A new application costs $150, while a renewal costs $120.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Along with the license application and bond, you need to provide a certificate of insurance when you submit your application. Insurance must cover injury and property damage.

The city includes additional rules about the type of policy you need to get your general contractor’s license. See the application for more information. You can find a link to the application on the city’s website.

Construction Equipment Rental in Cleveland, Ohio

In addition to cutting through red tape in order to start on your project, you’ll also want to consider what heavy equipment you’ll need to complete the job on time and budget. If you need some specific equipment, you don’t usually use, renting is a great way to go. You may have the aerial equipment, such as boom lifts, manlifts, forklifts, and scissor lifts, on hand. But should you need extras, renting is a useful way to get what you need.

You should never start a job in Cleveland without the proper permits. By following the requirements, you can have a successful end to your construction job.

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