Construction Equipment Rental in Toledo, OH

About Construction Projects in Toledo, OH

Toledo has one of the country’s most robust economies. As the Ohio city grows, there are many job prospects for local builders. Make sure to consider local requirements before diving in.

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit to build or modify buildings in Toledo. A permit shows you agree to work as outlined, within the guidelines of the City of Toledo and the State of Ohio.

The City of Toledo’s Division of Building Inspection issues all building permits in the city. You can download a permit application form from the City of Toledo website. Complete a separate permit form for every new building.

You can submit your building permit application in person or by mail. Add two sets of plans and specifications to your permit application. Include the following plans, drawn to scale:

  • Site plan
  • Basement and foundation plan
  • Plan of each floor
  • Elevations and scaled sections

Once your permit is approved, the division will keep one set of plans on file. You should keep the other set of plans on your jobsite.

You should also include a project valuation with your application. This is your project’s total cost or market value, including the cost of labor and materials. It should not include mechanical and electrical work because these need separate permits.

Processing time will vary depending on how complex your project is and how busy the division is. You cannot start your building project until you have an approved permit.

Necessary Building Licenses

You’ll need a contractor license from the City of Toledo before starting any local project. Visit Toledo’s Division of Building Inspection or call representatives on 419-245-1220 to get a license application form. Once you have a license, you can renew it online via the City of Toledo Citizens Access site.

Unlike electricians, plumbers, and some other contractors, builders don’t need a state license.

Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is vital for all your building projects. This protects you against most things likely to go wrong on your building site. However, most Toledo builders bolster their protection with additional policies.
Builders risk insurance helps bridge coverage gaps. It’s also required by lenders. Umbrella insurance boosts your claim amounts.

Workers compensation is a must if you employ other builders. Do without it and you could face hefty court costs if your workers are hurt on the job.

Best Equipment to Use

Toledo has mostly flat blocks of land. That means you can use standard manlifts and scissor lifts, rather than rough terrain models.

The soil does have drainage issues which may impact your hire equipment after heavy rain. After the rain, you’ll need a raised working platform for your boom lift. It should also have a crawler undercarriage or four-wheel drive to cope with the muddy ground. Forklifts don’t like a slippery ground, be aware of rain.

Toledo has unique requirements for permits and licenses. Then there’s insurance and hire equipment to consider. Think about all your options to make your Toledo projects true successes.

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