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About Construction Projects in Abilene, TX

Every city wants a long list of permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses before starting a building project. Abilene, Texas, is one such city.

If you’re thinking about a large or small construction project in Abilene, you have to know what sort of red tape your plans call for. Find out what type of paperwork your project needs, whether you’re a general contractor, an electrician, or an HVAC tech.

Building Permits

The City of Abilene has strict rules for construction. These standards make sure that all construction projects in the city limits keep people and property safe.

Before starting a construction project, Abilene asks that you get a building permit. Adding a fence, building a swimming pool, and moving house are all permitted projects. You need a permit for almost any improvement project you want to do.

Start by choosing the right kind of permit. Next, skim the long list of permit fees to know which ones you need to pay.

Building Inspections

Before ending a construction project, you also need a building inspection. The standard fee for a residential inspection in Abilene is $100.

The extra costs can add up, too. For instance, the cost of an inspection outside of standard business hours is $200. Special inspection requests cost at least $100.

Contractor Licenses

The City of Abilene wants to make sure that only trained contractors manage building projects in the city. That’s why the city requires all contractors to have licenses. All contractors must renew their licenses every year.

Swimming pool contractors only need a city license. But these contractors need current licenses to work in Texas:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Irrigation
  • Electrical Sign

If you don’t have a current contractor’s license, you shouldn’t try to start one of these projects. You’ll find that the cost of getting a license is much more than you might think.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Along with licenses, the City of Abilene also needs contractors to have liability coverage or bonds. These insurance policies cover the contractor and the property in case of an accident.

Depending on the type of project you’re planning, liability insurance needs can be high. Abilene asks for all of these bonds and coverage types:

  • Building, Roofing, Demolition, and Building Mover Contractors: $25,000 bond
  • Electrical Contractors: $5,000 bond and $300,000 general liability insurance
  • Mechanical Contractors: General liability insurance that meets Texas regulations
  • Plumbing Contractors: $5,000 bond or $300,000 general liability insurance
  • Swimming Pool Contractors: $10,000 bond and $300,000 general liability insurance
  • Irrigation Contractors: $5,000 bond or $300,000 general liability insurance
  • Sign Contractors: $3,000 bond and $300,000 liability insurance if doing electrical work

Construction Equipment Rental

As a contractor, you’ll also need the right gear for the job. Rent aerial equipment to get the reach you need:

If you’re based in Abilene, you should never start a building project without getting all the right permits, inspections, insurance, or licenses. Save yourself the hassle and the high costs of taking care of this paperwork on your own. Instead, contract an expert company with the needed licenses and credentials.

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