Construction Equipment Rental in Dallas, TX

About Construction Projects in Dallas, TX

The city of Dallas, Texas, has one of the four biggest populations in the United States. As a huge city with lots of people living in it, Dallas has construction going on every day. Builders who want to start new projects must know the rules. This guide will help you know what you need to do before you break ground in Dallas.

OSHA Rules

You’ll need to know all the laws about building. The American government has an agency that deals with federal regulations. This agency is named OSHA. They make sure that everyone is safe during a build. That includes workers and people who live near the work site.

When you do a major project, you will probably use lifts and other popular rental machines, such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts. For example, OSHA section 1910.68 has rules about manlifts. Your staff must learn these rules.

Your worker must also have training on these machines and prove that they can use a manlift safely. If they can’t, OSHA might fine you.

Licenses and Permits

Builders face challenges when getting ready for building projects in Dallas. The city has many permit and license rules.
You need a building permit for almost all work on a building or home. This includes swimming pools, fences, and many other remodeling projects. One important rule is that a licensed electrician must do any electrical work.

Plumbing and mechanical contractors also need licenses. That’s true even if the work they’re doing on a home doesn’t need a permit. Work on buildings in historical districts or in conservation areas must also have special permits.

You can get many building permits and licenses online at the official Dallas government website. You can also find a list of fees there. If you would rather apply in person, the Oak Cliff Municipal Center is at 320 East Jefferson Boulevard. You can reach them by phone at 214-948-4480.

Insurance Coverage

You need to buy general liability insurance if you want to build in Dallas. Many options are available. You should know that this coverage usually takes care of your business when you accidentally damage other people’s property during construction. It also covers you if someone gets hurt because of construction that you’re doing. Liability insurance can also cover contractors for slander.

Two types of general liability insurance are available: claims made and occurrence. You’re only covered for a limited time with claims made. So, even though it might seem like the right option due to cost, it’s still not the best choice. Occurrence will give you better coverage for a longer period. That’s true even after the policy expires.

Always pick the best coverage that you can afford. With the right insurance coverage, you will have protection if an accident happens. You’ll also protect your workers and your neighbors.

Building in Dallas comes with many challenges, but renting equipment can make it easier. Items such as manlifts, scissor lifts, forklifts and boom lifts can help make the job easier. With the right tools, you can have a smooth build.

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