Construction Equipment Rental in Edinburg, TX

About Construction Projects in Edinburg, TX

Just North of the Mexican border in Texas, Edinburg is one of the most southern cities in the United States. When it comes to construction, Edinburg is similar to many other cities in Texas. It can be sweltering in the summertime which makes the much cooler winter the ideal time to build. No matter when you plan on building in Edinburg, it is important to follow all of the rules. Take a look below and find out what permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance you need to get before you finish your job.

Building Permits

Permits are an important part of construction projects across the country and Edinburg is no different. You have to apply for and get your permit before you can begin to build. Building permits let the city know who is building what in their city. They can keep track of contractors and make sure only qualified people are working. This promotes safety and security in the construction industry.

Building Inspections

Once you have your building permit, you can start building. However, you do still need to have your building inspected. Inspections are a crucial step in the building process because they are the last step in ensuring ultimate safety for the future occupants. You wouldn’t want to live somewhere that hasn’t been inspected by experts. You can schedule your inspection through the City of Edinburg website.

Contractor License

For contracting work in the State of Texas, you need to have a contractor license. There are different licenses for different jobs, and the state government has made it easier than ever to get a license. In some cases, you only have to sign a letter of understanding about the local building laws and codes.

In addition to your contractor license, certain types of equipment require certifications. For example, certain aerial equipment requires OSHA certification to use. They do this to ensure the safety of workers and all other parties involved.

Contractor Liability Insurance

Construction sites can sometimes be dangerous places. One way to mitigate risks is to get some liability insurance. Liability insurance protects the contractor and the owner from any damages caused by their work. Workers’ compensation coverage is another great way to cut down your risks. This coverage will help pay for your employee’s bills if they happen to get hurt.

Construction Equipment in Edinburg, Texas

Often, contractors need to rent equipment to finish the job. Some common types of equipment used in Edinburg are aerial lifts such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts. Earthmovers are popular too! Excavators, backhoes, dozers, and rollers are all great pieces of equipment that can speed up your build. Whatever kind of work you’re doing, BigRentz can help with all of your construction equipment rental needs.

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