Construction Equipment Rental in Fort Worth, TX

About Construction Projects in Fort Worth, TX

Along with the rest of North Texas, Fort Worth is a city on the up and up. Four million new residents are expected to move to the area between 2000 and 2030, and many of them will settle in Fort Worth. As a builder, get to know the city’s requirements to take advantage of the demand for new construction.

Building Permits

The City of Fort Worth issues separate permits for residential and commercial building projects. You can apply for both types of permits in person or through the City of Fort Worth website. All permit forms are also available through the city’s website.

To apply for a residential building permit, file the following:

  • Completed building permit application
  • Completed residential new construction checklist (online only)
  • Complete set of plans, including site plans
  • The property’s certified plat
  • Energy Code Compliance documents

Submit PDF copies when filing online. You will need multiple copies of some documents when filing in person.

To apply for a commercial building permit, file the following:

  • Completed building permit application
  • Completed use verification form
  • Completed commercial remodel checklist, if applicable
  • Complete set of plans, including site plan
  • Certified copy of property’s plat
  • Energy Code Compliance documents
  • TDLR elimination of architectural barriers registration number, if project costs more than $50,000 (online only)
  • Zoning use verification form (in person only)

As with the residential application, use PDF copies when filing online. When filing in person, submit multiple copies of some documents.

Contractor Licenses

You need a certified contractor to work in the building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical fields in the City of Fort Worth. You can’t get a building permit until you register with the city’s Department of Planning and Development.

The Department of Planning and Development issues individual and business licenses. Most licenses incur a $120 annual fee. State licensed plumbing contractors don’t need to pay registration fees. Your contractor registration will expire 12 months from its date of issue unless you renew it.

You can apply for contractor registration in person at the City of Fort Worth/Planning &; Development Department, or by mail or fax. You should submit:

  • A complete contractor registration form
  • Details of state contractor license, if applicable
  • Insurance details, for wrecking and moving contractors
  • A copy of your valid state driver’s license

Best Rental Equipment to Use

There are three primary types of soil in Fort Worth: sandy soils, clay soils, and loamy soils. Sandy soils are very loose. While they don’t hold water, their softness can cause problems for forklifts. A soil compactor can firm up the ground for this equipment.

Clay soils are much heavier and very absorbent. After the rain, you may need a raised working platform and a crawler undercarriage for your boom lift.

Loamy soils are ideal to work with. If your site has loamy soil, you can rent standard equipment like manlifts and scissor lifts.

As one of Texas’ largest cities, there are many opportunities for builders familiar with Fort Worth and its permits, licenses, and soil conditions.

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