Construction Equipment Rental in Garland, TX

About Construction Projects in Garland, TX

Located northeast of Dallas, Garland has been rated time and time again as a great place to live. If you’re considering doing a construction job in Garland, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Building Permits

Garland requires permits for many construction activities in Garland. Here are some examples of jobs that you need a permit for:

  • Constructing accessory buildings, such as a shed, that is larger than 20 square feet
  • Adding on to an existing building
  • Demolishing, including outside structures and indoor walls
  • Repairs to foundations
  • Adding on a cover to patios
  • Installing a pool deeper than 24 inches
  • Replacing a water heater

You can complete the permit application with the online Permit Manager. You can get PDFs of the forms through the Development and Permitting Center on the city’s website. By downloading these, you can print a copy, fill it out, and submit in person. To apply for a permit, you need to be a licensed contractor.

Building Inspections

Using the online Permit Manager, you can request an inspection. Once you make the request, you’ll get a confirmation of the inspection date. If you need to schedule a same-day inspection, call the Building Inspection department and press 0.

Contractor Licenses

Garland requires all contractors to register with the city. General contractors do not need to register with the state to work in the state, however. Specialty contractors do need to be registered with the state to register with a given city. This includes electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and irrigation specialists.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Texas requires all contractors to have general liability insurance. This is a protection to both you and your client, and you might need to show proof of your insurance coverage before you can start a job. If you’re unsure of what you might be required to have to work in Garland, talk to your insurance agent for your business. The agent will know more about what you must have and what is recommended.

Construction Equipment Rental in Garland, Texas

As you get your insurance, licenses, and permits in order, you might also want to think about what equipment you will need for your job. If you’re doing work on a building that is more than one story, you may need aerial equipment like scissor lifts or manlifts. If you’re moving pallets of items from one location to another, an extra forklift might be handy.

For small construction areas, a telescoping boom lift might be just the right tool. If you need equipment just for this job or just in this area, consider renting rather than buying. This will save you money not having to finance a large equipment purchase and allows for a lot of flexibility, such as only renting on days you need the equipment and having it delivered right to your work site.

Once you have the permits and equipment rentals in place, you’ll be ready to get started.

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