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About Construction Projects in Killeen, TX

Killeen showed its resilience during the global financial crisis.  While other cities struggled, Killeen has had low unemployment and strong population growth. It’s tough economy (based largely around Fort Hood) and safe streets have lured many to the city in recent years. New homes and infrastructure to support growth have kept the local building sector strong. As a builder in Killeen, you should think about local laws and requirements.

Building Permits

You need a building permit to build or alter any structure in Killeen. The City of Killeen Permits and Inspections Services Department issues all local building permits. To apply for a building permit, submit:

  • A complete permit application
  • Four sets of building drawings
  • Two copies of energy code compliance forms
  • A proof of submittal for accessibility review
  • A copy of an asbestos survey

Download building permits forms from the City of Killeen website. You can apply in two ways:

  • Post your permit application to the building official at the City of Killeen
  • Apply in person at Killeen’s City Hall

Building plan reviews usually take seven to 21 days. Pay permit, water, and sewer fees. After payment, you’ll get the approved stamped plans and plan report.

Keep the following on-site for inspections:

  • Stamped plans
  • The plan report
  • Energy code report copies

Necessary Building Licenses

You only need a building license if you’re building industrialized housing or buildings in Killeen. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) issues these licenses. Download and complete the license form from the TDLR website. Then mail it to the TDLR licensing division.

Your license says you will meet building codes, engineered plans, and department rules. You also agree to all inspections from the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council.
You must keep records of all industrialized structures you build for at least five years. Give these to the TDLR if it ever asks for them. The TDLR conducts audits every year.

Liability Coverage

All Texas builders must have contractors’ general liability insurance. This insurance protects against damage and injury claims. You must show your clients’ proof of coverage before starting any job. There are two different policy types:

  • Claims-made liability policies. These cover damage and injury claims made during the policy period.
  • Occurrence liability policies. These cover all damages and injuries during the policy period. Claims can be made after the policy ends.

You should also hold professional liability insurance. Builders employing other builders need worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance policies.

Best Equipment to Use

Killeen was built on hilly limestone plateaus. This rocky soil can make modern construction difficult. Make sure you hire the right equipment for your job in Killeen.

Rough terrain manlifts and scissor lifts will work better than standard models in Killeen. Local soils are compact, though. This suits boom lifts and forklifts. Get a raised working platform for your boom lift when working after rain. You should also hire a ripper to break up any hard limestone soil you find.

With careful research, your building business will have success in Killeen, Texas.

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