Construction Equipment Rental in League City, TX

About Construction Projects in League City, TX

Located near Houston, League City is home to several waterside resorts that are popular with many Texas residents. There is still a lot of room for growth and new projects in this medium sized town. Before you start your project, prepare yourself by learning the ins and outs of the construction rules in League City. You will need to get permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance before you begin. Take a look at our guide to building in League City.

Building Permits

Permits are an important part of the construction process, especially in League City. You will need a building permit for construction, alterations, repairs, and demolitions of new or existing structures. For Residential Construction, the homeowner or contractor has to fill out a Residential Permit Application which you can get at the City’s Land Management Offices.

For new construction projects, along with your Residential Permit Application, you have to submit the following documents:

  • Complete set of drawings and calculations
  • Foundation and framing plans registered in the State of Texas
  • Energy code calculations
  • Manual-J calculations
  • Electric load analysis
  • Plumbing riser diagram
  • Gas riser diagram
  • Plot plan and site survey
  • Engineered drainage plan
  • Elevation certificate
  • Copy of your Capital Recovery Fee invoice

There is a lot to submit, and it is important that you don’t forget any of it. Double check before you turn everything in.

Building Inspection

After the building permit is acquired, you can begin construction on your project. During construction, you will need to have your building inspected. The best way to get your inspection is to request one online on the city website. Some information will be needed for the request such as your permit number, inspection type, and your requested date of inspection.

Contractor License

Texas has certain requirements when it comes to contractors and their licenses. The state government has tried to make it easier to get your license to promote growth in the construction industry.

To do contracting work in League City, you have to register and submit the following with your application:

  • Completed Contractor Registration Form
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Copy of your State issued Masters or equivalent License
  • Copy of your State issued Driver’s License
  • $150 registration fee

You have to submit all of these items and be approved before you can do any contracting work in the city.

Contractor Insurance

For work in League City, you have to have proof of insurance that states the city as the certificate holder. This insurance has to have a minimum of $250,000 in coverage and be acquired before registering with the city as a contractor.

Construction Equipment in League City, Texas

The type of construction project you are doing will determine what kind of equipment you will need. Aerial equipment such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts are all popular pieces of equipment. Earthmoving equipment is quite popular too.

Once you have all the proper permits and paperwork, take a look at the options here at BigRentz for your equipment needs!

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