Construction Equipment Rental in McKinney, TX

About Construction Projects in McKinney, TX

To work on construction projects in McKinney, Texas, contractors need to have certain papers. The paperwork includes permits, inspections, insurance, and licenses. It’s important to know how to get these documents and where to find them. Keep reading to find out the answers.

Building Permits

To keep properties and people safe, the City of McKinney makes contractors get building permits. The permits make sure you follow building codes and zoning laws. You need these permits when working on construction projects done in the city limits.

When you work on almost any type of home improvement project, you need these permits. Examples of projects include:

  • Installing a pool
  • Adding a shed
  • Repairing a foundation
  • Replacing a roof

Building permit fees depend on the project’s value. If you plan to put an addition on to the property, you also need to pay$100 for a plan review. Commercial plan reviews cost $200.

Building Inspections

To make sure the property follows the building codes and zoning laws stated on the permit, you need to have several building inspections. To schedule an inspection, you should call the 24-hour voice response system. The Building Inspections Department handles the appointments. Most inspections happen the next day.

There are different types of inspections you must have. Examples include:

  • Pre-construction
  • Preliminary
  • Foundation
  • Second
  • Flatwork
  • Temporary power
  • Final

The City of McKinney has a packet of inspection information if you are uncertain about when to schedule one. Look through the information to find out when you need inspections.

Contractor Licenses

To work in McKinney, contractors need to have licenses. Those who work in certain trades also need licenses.

You must register with the city before you start working on your project. For general contractors, there is no fee or form to fill out. You do have to pay a fee and fill out paperwork for some trades, though. Also, if your company operates out of another state, you need a Certificate of Authority to work in Texas.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Just like with licenses, the City of McKinney requires that contractors have liability coverage or bonds. These policies cover you and the property if ever there is an accident.

The amount of coverage you should have depends on the size and type of construction project. Shop around to find the best fit for you and your project. If you have employees, you should also carry workers’ compensation coverage. This is not mandatory. Also, if you use a vehicle for work purposes, you need commercial automobile coverage.

Construction Equipment Rental in McKinney, Texas

No matter what type of construction project you work on, you need the right gear to get the job done. Sometimes you need to rent equipment. Types of equipment you can rent for aerial jobs include:

Before you start a construction job in McKinney, you should get all your paperwork together. This includes permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses. If you forget one of these pieces, you waste time and money finding out when and where to get them.

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