Construction Equipment Rental in Mesquite, TX

About Construction Projects in Mesquite, TX

Mesquite, Texas, is growing as local businesses build new offices and expand existing ones. Before you start building in this city, take a look at the local requirements.

Building Permits

The City of Mesquite’s Planning and Development Services division issues residential and commercial building licenses.

You need the following paperwork before you can apply for any permit:

  • Address assignment
  • Zoning approval for proposed use
  • Authorized signature from Planning and Zoning
  • Engineering Division approval, for certain projects
  • City Engineer signature releasing civil designs, for certain projects

For a residential permit in a new subdivision, you’ll also need Form ER. For a commercial permit, you also need:

  • Plat approval
  • Site plan approval
  • Traffic division approval, for certain projects

Once you have this paperwork, you can apply for a permit. You can apply online, by mail, or in person at the Mesquite Municipal Center. Submit the permit application form with these items:

  • Planning and Zoning approval form
  • Your plans. You need one full set for a residential permit and four sets for a commercial permit

Necessary Building Licenses

Only builders working on industrialized housing or buildings in Mesquite need licenses. These licenses come from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. You can find the license form on the TDLR website. Fill out your printed form and mail it to the TDLR’s licensing division.

Once you have the license, you must:

  • Meet all relevant building codes, plans, and TDLR rules
  • Agree to get inspections from the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council
  • Keep records of all your industrialized structures in the last five years
  • Give the TDLR any records they ask for

Liability Coverage

You need contractor’s general liability insurance to work as a builder in Mesquite. You must show your clients proof of your policy before you start building. It will protect you from most damage and injury claims. There are two types of contractor’s general liability insurance:

  • Claims-made liability policies. These protect you from claims made during the policy period
  • Occurrence liability policies. These protect you from all valid damage and injury claims that happen during the policy period. These claims can be made after the policy ends

It’s also a good idea to get professional liability insurance. It will cover your legal bills if the past or present clients decide to sue. If you hireĀ other builders, protect them with worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance policies.

Best Equipment to Use

Mesquite lies in the BlacklandĀ Prairie region. Its soils are known as cracking clays because they develop large cracks in dry weather.

Construction equipment like boom lifts and forklifts work better on compact, clay soils than on loose soils. So long as your site is flat, you should be able to use standard manlifts or scissor lifts.

Think about the type of land at your Mesquite building site. Make sure you rent equipment that’s made for the soil conditions. Get the right insurance and paperwork. When you’ve got the planning right, your building projects will thrive.

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