Construction Equipment Rental in Midland, TX

About Construction Projects in Midland, TX

Midland’s thriving oil industry has helped its economy grow quickly. These changes are reflected in the booming construction sector.┬áThe strong economy has encouraged businesses to invest in local infrastructure. More people are also moving to Midland to take advantage of its growth. Enjoy some of the region’s prosperity by getting involved in the city’s building projects.

Building Permits

You will need a building permit for all residential and commercial jobs in Midland. The city’s Construction Permits & Inspections division issues these permits. Download a permit form from the City of Midland website. Submit it with the following supporting documents by mail or in person:

  • A bond form.
  • A site plan for residential permits.
  • An asbestos survey or certification form for commercial permits.

You cannot start work until you get your permit. You then get 180 days to start building. If your work stops for any period of 180 days before the job is done, your permit will expire. You’ll need to reapply to get another one.

The city’s building, electrical, and plumbing inspectors will review your work several times during construction. Inspectors will make sure you are meeting building codes and Texas and U.S. guidelines.

Necessary Building Licenses

You only need a license if you are working on an industrialized housing or building project. You will get your license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Download and print the form from the TDLR website. Fill it out, then mail it to the TDLR’s licensing section.

As a license holder, you must:

  • Meet all applicable building codes, plan specifications, and TDLR rules.
  • Allow Texas Industrialized Building Code Council inspections.
  • Keep records of industrialized structures you’ve worked on in the last five years.
  • Give the TDLR any records they ask for.

Liability Coverage

You cannot work as a builder in Midland without contractor’s general liability insurance. Your policy will cover you for most damage and injury claims you could face. Your Midland clients should see proof of your coverage before you start work for them. You can get a claims-made liability policy or an occurrence liability policy. If you have claims-made liability, you must submit your claims while you have a valid policy. An occurrence liability policy lets you claim on a lapsed policy if the incident happened during your coverage.

You might also consider bundling your general liability insurance with other policies, such as:

  • Worker’s compensation, to protect your employees.
  • Commercial auto insurance, to protect your work vehicle.
  • Contractor’s equipment insurance, to protect expensive tools.

Best Equipment to Use

Understanding Midland’s soil conditions will help you rent the best equipment for your site. The city mostly has flat land, which is perfect for manlifts and scissor lifts. The clay and sandy-loam soils drain easily and don’t get too slippery. This means you don’t usually need special crawler undercarriages or working platforms for your boom lifts after rain. Forklifts will also excel on most Midland job sites.

With the right paperwork and equipment in place, you can take advantage of Midland’s building boom.

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