Construction Equipment Rental in Odessa, TX

About Construction Projects in Odessa, TX

As Ector County’s county seat, Odessa is a medium-sized city. This typical West Texas town has lots of oil rigs and football games. Odessa has seen consistent job growth over the last few years.

Though construction isn’t growing like it was a few years ago, it is still an important industry. Single-family homes are the fastest growing kind of construction in Odessa. Contractors who understand the ins and outs of getting a permit have a leg up on the competition.

Building Permits

You need to be a licensed contractor with up-to-date bonds and liability coverage to build in Odessa. Whether you are crafting a new construction or adding to an existing one, you need a few things. You will send your application to the Building Inspection Division. You need:

  • The completed application
  • Building plans
  • Construction documents

Once the department has reviewed and approved your plans, you will receive your permit. At the end of the project, the department does a full inspection. You can request an inspection or a re-inspection online, too.

The Building Inspection Office is at City Hall, 411 W 8th Street in Odessa. Building Inspection is on the first floor. The hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. You can reach the office by phone at 432-335-3214.

Contractor Licenses

In Texas, only specialty contractors need licenses. However, contractors like electricians or mechanical contractors need to register with the City of Odessa. First, fill out the form. Then return it to the Building Inspection Division. If you want to run a contracting business, you need to get a business permit. Contact the Police Department at 205 N. Grant. Ask for the patrol and traffic division to start your application.

The Odessa Building Inspections Division keeps track of contractor licenses and insurance. The office makes sure your documents are current before giving you a permit.

Liability Coverage

To work as a specialty contractor in Texas, you must have liability insurance. Home builders do not need liability coverage, but having it is a good idea.

Texas contractors usually choose either claims-made liability policies or occurrence liability policies. An occurrence policy is more common and less expensive, but the coverage it offers is not as complete. Some contractors choose claims-made instead because it will keep covering an incident after the policy expires.

Neither of these two types of insurance covers workers’ compensation.

Best Equipment to Use

Odessa is in the Grand Prairie region of Texas. That means you might encounter some sandy soil, though most Grand Prairie soil is dark and heavy. Most construction equipment designed for rough terrain will do well on this soil.

For added protection, make sure your boom lifts and scissor lifts have stabilizers. Forklifts and manlifts should have four-wheel drive to handle Odessa’s rich soil. Rent exactly the right equipment for Texas soil from BigRentz.

Get your building permits, contractor licenses, and business permits to build in Odessa. Enjoy a growing job market and more demand for single-family homes. Get in on this Texas region today.

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