Construction Equipment Rental in Pearland, TX

About Construction Projects in Pearland, TX

Most cities and counties in the U.S. require building permits for construction work. Pearland, Texas, is no different. All contractors working in Pearland need to follow the rules. If they don’t, they could be in legal trouble.

Building Permits

Building permits come from the City of Pearland. The goal of the department is to protect the living environment for residents. When working on a project within city limits, you need a permit. Permits are needed for:

  • New construction
  • Repairs
  • Additions

These rules apply to all structures in Pearland. Work done on a building must comply with city rules. These rules protect building owners and residents from unsafe conditions. Registered contractors can turn in applications to the Permits department. Certain permit applications take longer to review:

  • Fence: 1 business day
  • New roof: 1 business day
  • Foundation repair: 1 business day (residential) / 5 business days (commercial)
  • Replace irrigation system: 5 business days
  • New or replacement driveway: 5 business days
  • Swimming pool: 10 business days
  • New home: 10 business days
  • Home alteration or expansion: 10 days
  • Sign: 10 business days
  • New commercial building: 10-15 business days
  • Commercial building expansion: 10-15 business days

Building Inspections

Contractors also need to schedule inspections on projects. Inspectors look at the main systems. Make sure that these systems are all easy to see. An inspection ensures the safety of the building. The city of Pearland uses eTRAKit. This web portal makes it easy to schedule inspections. You need to set up an account first. Call Inspection Services Division to create an account. If you submit your inspection request before 4 p.m., the inspector will come the next day. You can cancel an inspection through eTRAKit. If you need to cancel an inspection on the day of, call the office.

Inspections have to be done in a certain order. They are numbered, so contractors know how to request them.

Contractor Licenses

All contractors working in Pearland must be licensed. The state of Texas gives the general contractor license. When you pass the exam, you can register as a general contractor in Pearland. You must turn in proof of insurance coverage with your application. Contractors can’t schedule inspections or apply for permits if they aren’t registered. Information can be faxed to the office at 281-652-1702.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Every general contractor in Pearland must have insurance coverage. The minimum amount is $300,000 in general liability coverage. The certificate must list the City of Pearland as the certificate holder.

Construction Equipment Rental in Pearland, Texas

After you get the permits you need, you can start working on the project. Some jobs require more equipment than your company might have. Certain kinds of aerial equipment are expensive and hard to find. Instead of spending a lot of money on these pieces of equipment, consider renting them. You might need forklifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and scissor lifts to build taller buildings or get to the roof. These items, along with many others, are available for rent.

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