Construction Equipment Rental in San Angelo, TX

About Construction Projects in San Angelo, TX

Getting a building project off the ground can seem daunting. The prospect of wading through red tape can seem like an overwhelming experience for the uninitiated. There’s good news, however, as San Angelo makes getting started easily. Read on to find out how to jump the hurdles necessary to start building in San Angelino, Texas.

Building Permits

You will need a building permit for:

  • New buildings.
  • Repairing or remodeling of existing buildings.
  • Garages, carports, porches, patios, and pools.
  • Putting up extra buildings.
  • Moving of structures.
  • Breaking down buildings.
  • Electrical, plumbing, gas, and HVAC work.

You’ll need to pay a permit fee based on the project’s square foot size. Flat fees apply to plumbing, HVAC, demolition, most electrical work, and to install pools. Submit your permit application to the Building and Inspections Division on College Ave.

Building Inspections

All building work has to pass the necessary inspections. To book an inspection, call or visit the Building and Inspections Division. You can also book by email at [email protected]. Have your permit number on hand when booking. There is no fee for inspections. Re-inspections, however, cost $25.

Registration and Licensing

State Licensing

If you’re a roofing or general contractor, you don’t need a license in Texas. However, specialty contractors do require a state license. These include:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC
  • Well drilling
  • Pump installation
  • Refrigeration
  • Fire sprinkler systems

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation issues most of these licenses. Other authorities do, however, issue some licenses. Fire sprinkler specialists receive a license from the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Plumbers apply to the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

Registering with the City of Angelo

At the local level, you will have to register with the City of Angelo. Place your city contractor registration number on your vehicle in two-inch letters. Alternatively, place it at each job site making sure it is easily seen from the street. Registration costs $30. All active contractors in San Angelo need to renew this every year.

Insurance Requirements

It is not compulsory for general contractors to have workers compensation or general liability insurance. Specialty contractors, however, need a contractor license bond to apply for a state license. They also need the following insurance:


Property damage and bodily injury and products and completed operations insurance: $300,000 for each one for Class A contractors and $100,000 for each one for Class B contractors.

Fire Sprinkler System

Insurance of $100,000 per occurrence with a total of $300,000 coverage.


Commercial general liability insurance of $300,000 to cover all claims in a one-year period.


  1. Property damage and bodily injury insurance of $300,000 per occurrence plus $600,000 aggregate.
  2. $300,000 aggregate for products and completed operations.

Renting Building Equipment

If you don’t own machines, you can rent what you need from an equipment rental company. You’ll find all types of building equipment for every job. You can rent:

The building laws and rules in San Angelo are in place to make sure all buildings in the city is safe. The City tries to keep the process simple and painless. As long as you stick to the building codes and apply for the necessary permits, things should flow smoothly.

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