Construction Equipment Rental in Sugar Land, TX

About Construction Projects in Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas which has seen tremendous job growth in the recent past. This economic growth has made Sugar Land one of the best places to build in Texas. It is home to the headquarters of Imperial Sugar, whose logo can be found on the city seal. Sugar Land still has its own set of rules when it comes to building within city limits. Find out what permits, licenses, insurance, and inspections you need before jumping into your next project.

Building Permits

When planning your build, there are a few things you need to know about permits. Sugar Land follows the 2015 International Codes for building, fire, residential, property maintenance, energy, mechanical, and plumbing. Also, any new commercial development must be reviewed and reviewed by the Sugar Land Planning Department.

Residential Projects

For residential projects, you need to submit three complete sets of plans. The plans must be accurate and drawn to scale. The Planning Department will review your submission and get back to you within about seven business days.

Commercial Projects

Commercial project requirements are similar to residential projects regarding submittal. You still need three sets of final plans. The difference is it usually takes 14 business days to approve a submission instead of seven.

The type of commercial project will determine which kind of plans you have to submit. For example, remodeling or tenant build-out submittal is different than single family dwellings and dwelling additions. Make sure you submit the proper documents.

Building Inspections

After you get your permit and begin construction, you have to schedule an inspection. If you call before 7 am, the inspection will be performed on the same day, but if you call after 7 am, the inspection will take place the next day. You can schedule your inspection online or on the cities website.

Contractor Insurance

For contractor work in the City of Sugar Land, you need to have liability insurance. You need to have workers’ compensation insurance as well as general liability insurance. The general liability insurance has to cover at least $100,000 for any one accident and $300,000 for any one person. The property damage portion has to cover at least $50,000 for one accident and $1,000 for any one piece of property.

Construction Equipment in Sugar Land, Texas

Most projects in Sugar Land will need to use some construction equipment to either reach high points or to move the earth. Some of the most common types of equipment are aerial, and they include:

If you don’t need aerial equipment you might need earthmoving equipment like:

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