Construction Equipment Rental in Charleston, WV

About Construction Projects in Charleston, WV

Charleston, West Virginia is the largest city in the state and is also the capital. The city has a population of over 50,000 but if you include the surrounding area that number goes up to over 200,000. Similar to many other cities, Charleston has its own set of rules and regulations for construction work. Find out which permits, licenses, and inspections you need for your project.

Building Permits

Before you start your construction project in Charleston, you have to get a building permit. Permits are issued by the City of Charleston Building Department after you submit your application. In order to get a building permit, you have to have a contractor registration with the city. If you are a general contractor, sub-contractor, specialty contractor, HVAC, electrical, or a plumbing contractor you have to be registered. You will need to submit the following items to register:

City of Charleston Application Form
Current Certificate of Liability Insurance
Proof of your State Contractor’s License
Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Annual registration fee of $90.00
Once you are a registered contractor, you have to get your building permit before you can start. When you apply for your permit, you have to show the type of construction, the use group, the square footage, the occupancy load, the indication of boundaries, fire ratings, wall sections, dimension, and ADA accessibility.

Building Inspections

Once you get your building permit, the building needs an inspection. The city will have the project inspected by a few different departments. For example, the Building Department, Planning Department, Fire Department, City Engineer, Traffic Engineer, and Sanitary board all need to inspect the site. The city will only give you a final inspection of occupancy once you have received all the inspections.

Contractor License

If you plan on to do work on any job worth over $2,500 in the State of West Virginia, you have to have a contractor’s license. To get a license, you must take and pass the NASCLA exam along with a business law exam.

Contractor Liability Insurance

Other items you will need to work in Charleston are contractor liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. These types of insurance protect you, your employees, and the future occupants in the case of an accident. They are also a requirement for contractor registration in Charleston.

Construction Equipment in Charleston, West Virginia

If you are a contractor, there is a good chance that you will need construction equipment to finish the job. There are many types of equipment available such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and forklifts. Whatever your job requires, BigRentz has it all and can help you with all of your construction equipment rental needs.

Make sure you follow all the rules, get the proper documents, and rent the best equipment to ensure a great build.

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