Construction Equipment Rental in La Vergne, TN

About Construction Projects in La Vergne, TN

Situated just outside of Nashville, La Vergne has a small population of around 35,000 people and is bordered by Percy Priest Lake. This little lake town has a plethora of opportunities for building, and there is no better time than now to start. Before you begin, however, you must know that there are various rules and regulations in La Vergne. You need to get permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance before you can break ground. Read below to find out more about construction in La Vergne.

Building Permits

The Codes Department in La Vergne handles permits and inspections for the city. Before you begin your construction project, you need to get the necessary permits. You need to get a permit for anything that involves the construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, or demolition of a new or existing structure. To get your permits, you can simply visit the Codes Department during regular business hours. Additionally, electrical permits are slightly different because they are required by the state. They can be obtained in Murfreesboro.

Building Inspections

In addition to getting the proper permits, it is important that you have your job inspected. The city uses inspections to make sure the building is safe for the future occupants.

You can schedule your inspection Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm by calling 615-213-2624.

Contractor License

The State of Tennessee has many rules around who can do contracting work in the state. The main rule is that if you want to work on projects valued at $25,000 or more, you have to have a contractor’s license. There are a few things you need to get your license including but not limited to:

  • Must pass the Trade exam, and the Tennessee Business and Law exam
  • A Financial Statement
  • Reference form completed by a past client, employer, or codes official
  • If you are an LLC or Corporation, you must register with the Tennessee Secretary of State
  • Provide proof of General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Complete and attach your exam scores, financial statement, reference, proof of insurance, and send it to the Board office with your fee of $250.
  • The Board will review your application and will either deny your application or issue you your license

Tennessee mainly wants to know that trusted people are working in the state.

Construction Equipment in La Vergne, Tennessee

Often, contractors rent equipment to help them finish their work. It is important that contractors get the right equipment at reasonable prices. BigRentz has a wide range of equipment at competitive prices, and we are ready to help you with all of your rental needs.

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