Construction Equipment Rental in Nashville, TN

About Construction Projects in Nashville, TN

Before working on any building sites in Nashville, it’s important that you understand the rules that apply to building in the city. There are also important laws relating to insurance that you should follow. Get the lowdown on the building regulations in Nashville below, and find out how best to source the tools for any job you plan to work on.

Building Permits

All new building projects in Nashville need building permits. You can either apply for a building permit in Nashville online or visit the city’s Codes and Building Safety Office on the third floor of the Metro Office Building on Second Avenue South. You need to pay a fee when you apply for a building permit in the city. The fee you pay for a permit depends on the value of the construction as follows:

  • Up to $2,000: The fee is $28.85.
  • $2,000 to $50,000: The fee is $28.85 for the first $2,000 plus $5.77 for each extra thousand or fraction thereof.
  • $50,000.01 to $100,000: The fee is $28.85 for the first $2,000 plus $4.62 for each extra thousand or fraction thereof.
  • $100,000.01 to $500,000: The fee is $28.85 for the first $2,000 plus $3.46 for each extra thousand or fraction thereof.
  • $500,000.01 and up: The fee is $28.85 for the first $2,000 plus $2.31 for each additional thousand or fraction thereof.

When you apply for a building permit, you must submit a set of building plans. If the building permit gets issued, you can then begin work. Upon completion of the work, you must get any site inspected before an Occupancy Certificate gets issued. The inspection checks for compliance with the city’s building codes. You can request a building inspection in Nashville by using the city’s e-Permit system.

Necessary Building Licenses

You must have a contractor’s license before you can bid on any projects valued at $25,000 and up. The contractor license law in Nashville applies to general contractors and subcontractors. To become licensed to work on building projects in Nashville, you have to go through a detailed application process.

First, you need to pass the “Tennessee Business and Law” exam. Then, you make an application and pay a $250 fee to get the license. Part of the application involves preparing a financial statement and filling in a reference form.

Insurance Coverage in Nashville

Part of becoming a licensed contractor in Nashville is having the right insurance coverage. Contractors need to have general liability coverage of at least $100,000 when applying for a license. Furthermore, for jobs valued at between $500,00.01 and $1.5 million, the insurance requirement increases to $500,000. Jobs valued at $1,500,000.01 or more have a minimum coverage level of $1 million.

Construction Equipment in Nashville

Consider renting any equipment you need when working on building sites in Nashville. Renting allows you to pick the tools best suited for certain jobs. Some jobs might require forklifts and manlifts, for example, while others might need boom lifts or scissor lifts. Buying all the tools for different jobs quickly becomes expensive.

Abide by the relevant laws and you won’t have a problem working on building projects in Nashville.

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