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About Construction Projects in Lynchburg, VA

Construction in Lynchburg is similar to other cities as it is characterized by rules and regulations. Before you start your project, find out which permits, licenses, insurance, and inspections you need. If you have a big project, or a small project, you will need some kind of permits and inspections. Take a look at our guide before you begin your build.

Building Permits

The City of Lynchburg has a lot of rules when it comes to building. The first rule is about building permits. You need a building permit for construction of new buildings, decks, and additions and renovations to existing structures. The steps for getting a building permit depend on the type of project you are planning. Here are some examples of construction projects with different steps:

  • Additions, alterations, accessories or repairs of existing dwellings
  • Construction of one and two-family dwellings
  • Construction of multi-family and commercial structures

For additions, you need to go to the Inspections Division and identify the location, the owner, and fill out a permit application. Provide a plot plan and present the correct contractor’s license.

One and two-family dwellings will need one set of drawings and a permit application. The application will include the cost, details of the work, the owner’s name, the location, and the contractor’s license number.

Multi-family and commercial structures are the most difficult building permits to obtain. You need one set of construction drawings and the plot plan for the proposed structure. Submit a digital copy of the construction drawings as well. The city will then review your plans and the Inspections Division will make sure that you meet all requirements.

Make sure you take the right steps to get your building permit. There is also a permit fee schedule on the city website that you can look at to find out what your permit fees are.

Building Inspections

After you get your building permit and construction begins, the city’s Inspection Division will make routine and check inspections during construction. Make sure you are prepared because you cannot continue to work if the required inspections are not approved.

Contractor License

In the State of Virginia, you are required to have a contractor license to do contracting work. There are three different classes of licenses in Virginia based on the amount of work you do. They range from over $750,000 in work a year to less than $150,000. Know how much work you are going to do before you apply for your state contractor license.

Construction Equipment

Most jobs in Lynchburg will require some kind of aerial equipment to finish the job. Examples of common aerial equipment include:

Whatever kind of project you have, BigRentz can help with all of your construction equipment rental needs.

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