Construction Equipment Rental in Federal Way, WA

About Construction Projects in Federal Way, WA

Federal Way Washington is located in the Seattle metropolitan and has a population of over 90,000 people. It has many booming businesses which make it a fantastic place to start your next project. Take a look below to find out about some of the basic rules on permits, licenses, and inspections.

Building Permits

Permits are a good way for the city to keep track of who is building. They also make sure the right people are doing the job. You will need a permit if you plan on doing any construction, alteration, repair, or demolition of a structure. The construction permit application that Federal Way offers is good for building, plumbing, mechanical, demolition, engineering, and fire prevention. You need to submit your application to the Federal Way Permit Center. The applications are accepted and permits are issued between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. You should arrive before 4:00 to ensure there is time to process your application.

Building Inspections

In addition to getting a building permit, you also have to get your project inspected a few times prior to completion. The city uses a voice response system that you can call to schedule, cancel, or reschedule inspections with. You need to be ready with the 10-digit permit number that is on your building permit, and your 4-digit inspection code. Also, give them a date of inspection and a phone number to reach you during business hours.

The city cannot guarantee a specific inspection time but they will come during your requested time frame if their schedule allows it.

Contractor License

Doing business as a contractor in the City of Federal Way will require you to have a business license. Business Licenses are important for the city to keep track of who is working within its limits. You can find applications on the city’s Business Registration page on its website.

Washington State also requires you to register as a contractor. If you do not register, then you are subject to a fine of $1,000 for your first offense.

Contractor Liability Insurance

As a well-prepared contractor, you are going to want some kind of Liability Insurance. It is a good idea to decrease risk and it is also required by the State. You need a surety bond too. If your company somehow causes damage to a third party, this coverage will help you out when you have to pay for those damages.

Construction Equipment

Most construction jobs use equipment to make it easier on the workers. Aerial equipment like scissor lifts, forklifts, boom lifts, and manlifts are all great for getting to those hard to reach points up in the air. Take a look at our selection here at BigRentz for whatever your project needs.

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